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  1. uplandchessies

    Public dove fields??

    KY public dove fields are anti dove fields They should be embarrassed, but sadly always have excuses.
  2. uplandchessies

    Dove opener

    Lloyd's. 🤣 A few years ago the mentor hunt produced 0 birds. Guess hunter recruitment is not a priority with KY DNR. At least the game wardens showed up this year to check the few hunters there. DNR is an embarrassment.
  3. uplandchessies

    Dove fields.

    Correct, but opener is booked
  4. uplandchessies

    Dove fields.

    Thanks, I'll look into it.
  5. uplandchessies

    Dove fields.

    My daughter didnt get drawn for mentor youth hunt, but still wants to go somewhere. Any pay to play fields or WMA's within an hour of Florence that has birds? Thanks.
  6. uplandchessies

    Pfeiffer fish hatchery youth duck hunt.

    Looking for info about this hunt from those that have hunted it. Do the ponds freeze with temps like we've been having lately and if they do, are the hunts cancelled? What should be expected as far as duck species and are geese a possibility? Thanks.
  7. uplandchessies

    First for me!

    Sweet. Had a drake hoodie land 25 feet from me last Sunday as I picked the decoys up. Got my first hen this Sunday. Congrats on a great bird.
  8. uplandchessies

    Dog Trainers

    There are many books available on the subject, but it's pretty simple. There's a lot more involved to train a dog for upland than it is for waterfowl. However, I've always started my dogs with retrieving first. You're considering a Lab, so half the battle is won. My method has always been to use...
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    Why is baiting illegal?

    Sustainable hunting.
  10. uplandchessies

    wood ducks

    Fry that bad boy up. :)
  11. uplandchessies

    Lacrosse or Muck Boots?

    Look at Under Armour. You won't find a more comfortable rubber boot out there. Have worn mine in the morning for ducks in MI and finished the day chasing grouse and woodcock. They have become my go-to boot because of the comfort and ease of putting them on (no laces) at the beginning of a hunt...
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    It's been rough, but improving ever so slightly.
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    Went out this evening thinking the best. The chicken is not in the soup.
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    Been working the same birds for the last 2 weeks. Numbers are lower than normal, so I suspect quite a few are still north. Got 3 yesterday and plan to hunt in the morning, since no ducks are around.
  15. uplandchessies

    So, how is everyone else's day?

    Didn't see a duck or goose. Back to woodcock and maybe some dove rest of weekend.
  16. uplandchessies

    Quota hunt results

    I used to hunt Clay before the quota hunt. Hunted the early WMA grouse hunt, too and always flew birds. There were plenty of quail and woodcock and enough grouse to make it worthwhile and drive 2 hours from Florence. Pissed me off when it went quota and have never put in for it. Sounds like this...
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    Been shooting limits the past 2 weekends. Opener we moved several birds, but few shots. On the quail opener, woodcock were acting weird. Fresh chalk in several areas and a birdy dog, but no finds. Then Storm found some scent and the bird flushed 40 yards out. A little later we hit an area and...
  18. uplandchessies

    Need a place to duck hunt for wood ducks near florence ky

    Expect to drive. Woodies can be found on local WMA's some years, but the 2 bird limit is not worth the hike. Rivers or private are best options around this area.
  19. uplandchessies

    Proud Dad moment

    Awesome. Great first bird, too. Congrats all around.
  20. uplandchessies

    Will Wonders Never Cease?

    Nice. Congrats on tagging out. I vaguely remember what that's like.