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  1. thekentuckykid21

    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    First buck in 6 years. Grayson County. Taken with my tikka .243
  2. thekentuckykid21

    WTB New England Firearm .223 or .243

    Dang that would have been a sweet setup
  3. thekentuckykid21

    WTB New England Firearm .223 or .243

    I’ll keep you in mind if I come across another gun.
  4. thekentuckykid21

    2021-2022 Deer Photo Thread

    .243 Tikka. First double. 11/15/21
  5. thekentuckykid21

    First double yesterday

    We had five people doing similar measures. Still a long day.
  6. thekentuckykid21

    First double yesterday

    We processed 6 deer today!
  7. thekentuckykid21

    First double yesterday

    Got my first double yesterday. This doe and button buck came in with a small 6 pt. Shot the doe at 140 yards and the button hung around (thought it was a doe) and made quick work with him. Got it done with my Tikka .243 T3X Lite.
  8. thekentuckykid21

    WTB New England Firearm .223 or .243

    Looking for a handi rifle in 223 or 243
  9. thekentuckykid21

    FS 40 rounds of browning .300 WSM

    185 grain new in box. Located near Radcliff/Etown. I paid $100, would take $80. Would also trade for 9mm, .243, .270, or .300 Win Mag.
  10. thekentuckykid21

    Found another box of .300 WSM today

    Where you located? I have two boxes of browning 185 grain I’d sell
  11. thekentuckykid21

    2016 Buck

    my 2016 buck from last year. Scored 163 Mikey Colasanti did the mount from Outdoorsman's Choice
  12. thekentuckykid21

    11 pt

    Great story and great deer! Congrats!
  13. thekentuckykid21

    The do all rifle caliber

    I bought a Tikka T3 last year and love it. I got it in .270. You won't regret buying one. Most accurate rifle I've shot. Dropped my buck this year "Bruiser Down" thread, at 200 yards
  14. thekentuckykid21

    Bruiser Down

  15. thekentuckykid21

    Bruiser Down

    killed this brute Sunday morning over a soybean field. His eyes seemed swollen shut which makes sense of his scarred face. Scored at 163. Stoked.
  16. thekentuckykid21

    Looking for an Outfitter

    Whitetail Heaven Outfitters.
  17. thekentuckykid21

    15 Deer Hunting Myths

    I remember a podcast on deer hearing. It concluded deer hear at different decibels. They don't hear our voices well but can hear sticks breaking and metal on metal at significant distances.
  18. thekentuckykid21

    Snipe Creek Lodge: Perfect Example
  19. thekentuckykid21

    Any guesses on score for the UK UofL game?

    He reminds me So much of Isaiah Thomas for Boston who is a stud at 5'9
  20. thekentuckykid21

    Any guesses on score for the UK UofL game?

    He was a projected first rounder last year. He's a top 20 pick this year is he declares. And I couldn't blame him for going.