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  1. Tufrthnails

    SPYPOINT link micro

    Anyone else getting fuzzy night pictures. I'd post some but I'm on the work comp and don't have access to them. But it's like orbs all over them. My cousin cleaned them last week and it hasn't changed. Day pics are clear.
  2. Tufrthnails

    Record Harvest for Kentucky Modern Gun Deer Season

    Spent the entire gun season and a few days leading up to it during bow season either on a wma or one of the farms. It was a really really odd season for us. On the WMA I saw a lot of does and a few good bucks. Ended up take a doe with me bow and good thing too as it was the only doe I...
  3. Tufrthnails

    Kyhunting Harvest report

    Buck and doe for me, but it's skewed for me a little since I spent a lot of time with the kids this year (and prefer it that way) but both my son and nephew got a buck with me.
  4. Tufrthnails

    havalon knives

    I can get the blades so cheap I really don't care how many go through, but this year it was one deer one blade skinned and deboned. I second the splitting the brisket with a havalon sucks. I did it once this year just used the fixed blade I always have in my pack anyways for that from then on.
  5. Tufrthnails

    ROLL CALL 11-11

    Up a tree with my bow. Did mid morning stand shift. Getting random sprinkles supposed to get snow flurries in a bit. Hoping to see more action then I did this morning.
  6. Tufrthnails

    Hunter orange and hunting blinds

    That’s pretty slick. I might have to pick one up I don’t do a bunch of blind hunting but when I do I bring a spare vest that attatch it to the loop at the top of my blind
  7. Tufrthnails

    Target buck down

    sucks for you, but congrats to the kid thats a beautiful buck
  8. Tufrthnails

    30-30 336 marlins

    Really kick myself for selling my 336. sold it back in 09 for $350 and thought that was high, but my boss wanted it bad. I let him borrow it to kill his first hog and for 3 months he came in with a check and set it on my desk bumping the money up each time. Kinda got to the point where I...
  9. Tufrthnails

    Don’t forget quota hunt deadline

    Super stoked me and my cousin pulled the arch quota I have been wanting to hit. Took three years.
  10. Tufrthnails

    Need help posting a picture. I give up!

    Holy smokes! That's a stud 8!
  11. Tufrthnails

    MSR Backpacking/ Camping Stove Free Shipping

    Good deal. Wish I hadn't just bought a second backpack stove.
  12. Tufrthnails

    Blue Tongue

    Cousin found two dead this weekend in Union county. No idea how big or anything just mentioned it while we were talking about this years family hunt.
  13. Tufrthnails


    Don't get me wrong I love beating a rival. Go Gators. But it is a atrocious what the ADs have done to Tenn the last decade and a half.
  14. Tufrthnails

    Ford v chevy v dodge

    Owned 5 fords, 1 chevy, and 1 Dodge. Notice it only took me once to know I don't want a Chevy or a Dodge.
  15. Tufrthnails

    Kyhunting Harvest report

    I'm itching to go. Still rehabbing my elbow. Doc thinks beginning of Oct I should be able to start shooting my bow again. I'm kinda torn about getting in the stand with the bow since I haven't shot since May when I messed my elbow up. Part of me just says keep shots inside 20 yards...
  16. Tufrthnails

    Savage 111 trophy hunter HELP

    DNZ gamereapers I use nothing else for hunting rifles. Held up to the 7RUM with near max loads for several years now along with .243win, .270win, 6.5cm, .50 MUZZ.
  17. Tufrthnails

    UK vs UF Prediction

    First off as I started this thread...go Gators. My hats off the the players of the Kentucky wildcats. Very very impressed with their Oline. Stoops and company absolutely lost this game for the Cats. As soon as he started playing conservative I knew we had a shot at this game. Cats...
  18. Tufrthnails

    UK vs UF Prediction

    This thread chased a heck of a rabbit...ran over it...backed up and ran over it again!
  19. Tufrthnails

    UK vs UF Prediction

    GO GATORS! Now that I got that out of the way. It’s a bummer UK a Qb went down. What’s your must do’s for your team to win. For me Gators have to perform on the Oline. If they do the offense will click. On defense tackling is the #1 thing for me with pressuring your backup QB...
  20. Tufrthnails

    TC Compass,.270. New in box

    Free bump for good deal on nice rifle. Too bad I need another .270 like I need an extra hole in my head.