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  1. GreenBay Fan

    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    I'm trying to understand the mind of a lefty. You have the resident door stop occupying the white house, who most likely committed crimes along with his family members, but nothing to see there. Then spend millions going after a misdemeanor crime, hoping it turns into a felony. Wow. This is what...
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    Hope everyone is OK.

    Still no power here in Meade county. Been out since about 2:30pm yesterday.
  3. GreenBay Fan

    Hope everyone is OK.

    Powers been out for a couple of hours here in Meade county. Wind still kicking.
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    I don't see this happening. This is just another tactic straight out of the communist manifesto. Another wedge issue to keep the people divided and at each others throats.
  5. GreenBay Fan

    Sportsman's Warehouse Supports IL Tyrant...

    So, if you have an Illinois license you can't buy certain items. What if that individual owns a house here in Kentucky and is paying Kentucky taxes? Just another back door way of getting other states to comply with this garbage.
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    Instinct 2.
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    Wow. That's why I like my Garmin watch. It has a need help now button on it. Push that and a message is automatically sent with my location. Especially since I do a lot of hunting by myself.
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    12/28 anybody else hunting today?

    I went out this morning. Didn't see anything. I know their still around. The trails really stood out in the snow. Pulled a card. The deer we're really active during the cold spell. Might try afternoon hunts.
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    Omnibus bill

    Nothing like old Mitch cutting the Republicans over in the house at the knees. Looks like all the usual life-long RINO's voted for this. No surprise.
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    Omnibus bill

    And Brandon says he's going to give another 1.85 billion on top of what their already getting. The madness never stops. Anyone that thinks Biden isn't comprised, might want to think again.
  11. GreenBay Fan

    Omnibus bill

    Our southern border is literally falling apart. And we're going to send another 45 billion to Ukraine. This makes absolutely no sense. I'm starting to think that these politicians have absolutely no loyalty to this country anymore. Old Mitch said that their going to get this passed, so they can...
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    The used gun market today…..

    That's actually a good price. I've seen them selling for 400 and more. Ridiculous. Go Packers.
  13. GreenBay Fan

    The used gun market today…..

    I was online looking for a Remington 870 cantilever barrel. Talk about sticker shock. For the price that their being sold for, I'd be better off just buying a new shotgun with a scope mount.
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    Am I the only one…

    Tylenol and placing one of those body heater pads that have adhesive on the lower back helps.
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    Nov 19 Roll Call

    Here in the blind on Fort Knox. Set up on a spot where I almost always see deer when bow hunting. Haven't seen anything yet.
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    Amendments #1 and #2 Results

    I read today that some exit polls were taken around the country and that abortion was the number 2 issue with most democrats. Only behind inflation.
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    Red Wave

    I've seen a interview that was done with his wife. And that's what I was thinking. She has a lot of political ambitions. I believe that was the plan all along, replace him with his wife.
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    Biden blaming big oil for record profits

    Biden is just plain stupid. He acts like a thug but nobody fears him. He disrespects the Saudis in public and then expects them to bend over for him. He continuously attacks fossil fuel, but then expects the oil companies to give into his wishes. It's like being on a sinking ship and we have...
  19. GreenBay Fan

    Weather next week (6th - 11th)

    Give me a cool or cold overcast day with a little mist. I think deer generally move more on overcast days.