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    End of quota hunts?

    All due to the almighty $$$. If they open them up, then they don't have to staff them with Fish & Wildlife personnel and no money spent on actually trying to improve them or plant crops for wildlife. Not like they do much in that department anyway the last few years. I also took the survey and...
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    CVA Wolf

    A little cleaner than standard pyrodex or 777 pellets. Seems that clean up is easier imo
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    CVA Wolf

    CVA Optima, 2 50gr White Hots and Harvester Scorpion PT Gold 300gr. No complaints on my end for accuracy and/or consistency
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    Dogs Chasing Deer

    Dog owners should be smart about their dogs and when they're loose. Not during hunting season, especially rifle. Had the biggest deer we've had on our farm in several years chased off by neighbors dogs last year and have pics in sequence to prove it of the deer, followed by the dogs at 2...
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    LBL Area 10

    Yeah I like the hardwoods and ridges myself. Typically sit and let other hunters push the deer around while they walk mid morning. From looking at Google Earth, I'd say we'll stick to the NW corner of the area.
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    LBL Area 10

    Ended up drawing this hunt instead of our usual area 8. Never hunted this area. We go to camp and walk out from camp and hunt. Ran into a hunter a few years ago with a nice buck from that area, said it has alot of low., wet areas in it. Not looking for any honey holes but some advice on...
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    Ky Quota Hunts

    Website says Friday Oct 7th. It'll be that afternoon around 4 or 5 usually
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    LBL 2021 quota results???

    When the administration changed a few years ago, things have been a little difficult with the changeover. The system used for the quotas has gave problems. Our group lost some preference points but showed myself still having points. Regardless, we have alot of memories out there over the last...
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    Meat Grinders

    Figured I'd post this in the forum for the guys that do their own processing. What is a good meat grinder that you'd recommend for making my own ground venison? Thanks!
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    Ballard or boatwright

    ^^^^^^This! Been there a few times with really good numbers but they would always sit on the refuge and stay away from the blinds/pits. Have only had good success when weather hits and makes them move.
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    Anybody getting,a new rifle for christmas

    I ordered a TC Venture .30-06 a few weeks ago. We have 2 old 742s but have issues with both feeding and extracting. So added a decent bolt gun. Painted the TC stock flat gray and used Montana Black marbelling paint over that. Few coats of matte clear. A DNZ one piece scope mount, Bushnell...
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    Hunting clothing suggestions.

    I use the Under Armour cold gear base layers. Then a layer of thick fleece. I use my waterfowl wading pants and fleece top. Then insulated bibs and coat. Neck gaiters are the ticket to helping hold heat in and keeping wind out.
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    Future state record to be harvested tomorrow morning around 7:31

    Well the camo has to be Sitka or you're just outdated. And a .308 really??? Have you not heard that 6.5 Creedmores are the only way to go these days? Where have you been? If you don't have that stuff better not post any pics here or Instagram. And you better make sure to give props to MTNOPS...
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    Target buck wounded

    Native Americans killed everything with a flint rock on the end of a stick.......taken truckloads of deer with .243 and 100gr bullets and several other larger calibers/bullets. Truckloads with 100gr broadheads out of 5 different brands of bows. Not the arrow, it's the Indian regardless what you use
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    LBL Quota Time

    That one must've escaped from the Knight and Hale high fence area there!!! Lol
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    What's everyone packing this year

    Ruger .243 100gr Core Lokts
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    LBL Quota Time

    17 is between 4 and 6 I believe. We used to hunt it as antlerless only years back. Seen some nice bucks in there.
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    LBL Quota Time

    As my dad says, "It's a sign of the times". I remember being drawn every year as there were multiple hunts each year. Now those have dwindled, not only there but the other state quota hunts as well. Used to be 2 pages of quota hunts in the hunting guide. The tag numbers have been cut in half...
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    LBL Quota Time

    We'll be in area 8 this weekend
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    Lbl quota hunt

    Couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! Lol