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    Anybody hunting before gun opener? What are you seeing?

    Hardin county was dead this morning. Didn't even hear anything at a distance or jump 1 coming out
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    Gloves or red hands

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    Sighting a Rifle during season…..

    My son, me, and your club president were shooting clay pigeons on his farm yesterday. Right in the middle of shooting a doe walked out at 65 yards and watched us walking around, talking, and shooting 6 - 8 rounds.
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    Heater body suit

    $400 no thanks. I'll put on the most cold weather clothes I have, take it as long as I can, then go home.
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    Which powder is more accurate

    I'm going to RS or FFg or FFG. Which 1 do you think would be more accurate in a CVA Accura V2
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    Breech plug needed

    Thanks but I bought the kit and switched it to a 209 system
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    Blackhorn 209

    I not $65 for it. I've used it up until this year but once I'm out I'm done with it. For no more advantage than what I saw I'll shoot Triple 7 powder.
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    Breech plug needed

    I need a breech plug for Knight LK 93 and the no. 11 nipple. I'm in Elizabethtown but I travel a lot. I gave my old muzzle loader my wife bought me the year we married in 1994 to my 12 year old son. Now the nipple has stripped out and wobbles around. Any help would be appreciated.
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    One Prime Reason For Ammunition Shortage

    The brilliant ones that are convinced the government is going to kill us all right after they outlaw guns. Then the other group of Nobody matters but me so tough luck because you didn't realize that I was going to buy 1000's of rounds so I can shoot lots of paper or 2-3 animals a year. Makes...
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    Savage Rifles

    I did much research and talking on forums. I was looking at every kind of rifle out there. I refuse to give up accuracy for sake of sticking to a brand name. 2 things convinced me to buy a Savage. Elizabethtown gun shop owner told me that week he had sent back a pallet full of new Remington...
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    Walnut live edge slabs

    What's the price of the slab on bottom of picture? Darkest one
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    FS lone wolf sticks

    Got any pics or more descriptions?
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    For sale/Crappie double seat/spider rigging

    Got any pictures? Where are you?
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    ISO 20 gauge

    If you're interested ho ahead sir. I appreciate your manners and respect! I've not made up my mind I'm still looking and thinking. I would not hold up a man from selling or buying. Thanks again
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    ISO 20 gauge

    Never heard of .222 I'll have to look it up
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    ISO 20 gauge

    I'm looking for a single shot or light weight over and under. My 11 year old son is needing his own gun. He's got a short reach plus doesn't want to carry a gun very far. Even if you don't have 1 any suggestions on type or brands would be appreciated.
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    Best looking mounts

    Where's he at? What's his price?
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    Freezer meat

    I boil the meat in a open pot until all of the foam is top of the water. This will make the water in your canned jars Much cleaner. If you don't do this your jars of canned meat can look pretty dirty and nasty.
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    Best looking mounts

    What is the average price to have a duck mounted? I figure it can change depending on what you want like with a whitetail. Just average price though.