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    Wisconsin Drumming Survey

    Just back from Wisconsin, lots of birds. Grouse numbers back to the old days.
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    Go out yesterday, very hot and dry, no birds
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    Wisconsin pics

    wisconsin Where did you go in Wisconsin?
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    Swamp Rabbit Hunt

    What? What the heck is a swamp rabbit?
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    woodcock migration thread

    cover type Central Ky not far from ky river. cover was heavy brush at field edge of thick wooded area. large pond nearby. My formula is always near creeks or rivers but not on the creek or river. Doodles seem to like brushy fields nearby. This may be their resting ground cover, not sure.
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    woodcock anyone?

    Woodcock I also found a covey of quail right in the middle of woodcock. If you like to hunt them Ky is full of Woodcock, Resident and Migratory. Does anyone know how to tell the difference?
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    woodcock migration thread

    Woodcock got out for about 2 hours yesterday and found 6 woodcock, don't have any idea if they are local or migratory. Central Ky
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    30-bird covey

    30 Bird Covey 30 bird covey? Upland, just what have you been smoking since I saw you last? Besides theres no quail in marshy pits you call Woodcock habitat. Give it to me straight.
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    Finally killed a bird today

    Point Release Your point and release is really a good thing, much better than pressuring the bird and the bird getting up without you knowing when or where. Also, that bird is running most likley on your dog, causing alot of repositioning. Personally I would love a dog that would go ahead...
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    AZ trip ups and downs.

    trip sounds like great trip, would love to hunt thoose birds. I havnt been out in while, let hook up soon, would love to hear all bout the trip.
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    Quail hunt with.....

    Great Picture Looks like you guys had a great day, and the picture is worth a thousand words
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    Catfish Retrieve

    hold on to yer leashes, this is a great hunting story. went to texas guail huntng last week, the birds were unbelievalbe. we put up 14 coveys per day for three days. Anyway, we put up a covey next to a large pond, and as quail will often do near water, they flushed over the pond. We...
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    Proper Quail Habitat

    Just returned from my first Texas Quail Hunt, boy, what an experience. If there is one thing I learned, it was proper habitat. I think Kentucky Biologists have it all wrong. Quail prefer grasses at knee height, period. Quail will roost in knee ht sparse grass before roosting in waist ht...
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    Did anyone see many woodcock this year?

    Average Year I saw many Woodcock, most in heavy cover near streams or rivers. Maybe took 5-6 limits. I was never able to tell if they were resident birds or migratory birds. I was quail hunting not two weekends ago and jumped another 3
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    Big time quail hunter thinking about grouse

    9's I took a bird today on a high crossing shot put up by a hunting buddy using 12 ga with high brass 9's, wide open chokes, about 30 yards, the bird was a trophy, not a mark on em, got to em before the dogs hoping to mount him, my brit jumped up and snatched a patch of feathers just as I was...
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    Best quail hunt of the year today

    What a day We also put up alot of birds today, I've been trying to make some type of mental note of conditions, We did so poorly last Saturday inn the rain, but toady in perfect conditions with high pressure and dhilly, what a day.
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    ADAM....There are a few left

    Awesome How did you get your photos to upload, I tried to get mine to load as an attachment, is that correct. Awesome day.
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    King Ruffious -- Dispelling the myth.

    Kings Court One of the top 5 hunts for the King ever, I've uploaded a photo. hope it works. Seems Upland is still not convinced, but we saw it all today, wild flushes. great points, running birds, many reflushes, high crossing shots. The largest bird I've ever seen. What a day, 20 flushes...
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    Big time quail hunter thinking about grouse

    Honey Holes Roost Em, how bout we trade. Two quail honey holes for One grouse honey hole. Being he is the King and all. Just ask Upland. Trust Me is right, the 12 ga brings home more birds and is my gun of choice on the King just because of shot load, the cover is so dense the more shot the...
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    Big time quail hunter thinking about grouse

    Let me settle this I cant believe that upland would even suggest that ringnecks have anything on the ky ruffed grouse. I guess those two flushes I put him on left him dazed and confused. And without a bird. Certainly he has not learned to respect the King. As far as what kind of armor to use I...