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    Crappie fishing

    Let us know how you do. I hope to be there April 1st for a few days
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    Bought a new toy home today.

    Congratulations on the find. Want to see some pictures.
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    Hard Antlered Buck

    I have seen antlered bucks while turkey hunting many times.
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    You have to learn the long arm photo trick to make em look bigger lol
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    Fishing trip in April

    Lake Erie walleye should be good. Went out last year on April 11 & 12. Four of us on the boat had our limits with in 2 hours each day. If you have your own boat catch a limit of walleye then go after some chunky small mouths.
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    Shotgun coyote this morning

    Awesome picture and congratulations on you harvest
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    Kentucky Fur Takers Sale

    Just for curiosity sake. What were furs bringing this year and who was the main buyers?
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    Rookie trappers total

    Congratulations on a good season. Give em #*ll next year with more traps.
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    Portable Corn Spreader.....anyone using in them in Kentucky?

    I used a 50 pound seeder/feeder mounted on the back of a four wheeler years ago. I would spread corn out 3 hours before dark on the ridge behind the house for the younger hunters or when I was bored from not seeing deer at my normal hunting site.
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    Hope everyone is OK.

    Got some real bad winds here in Owen county. I live on a cleared ridge which don't help matters. Had to get out about 1:00 pm to clear an overflowing gutter in the pouring rain. Other than that I'm staying busy making crappie jigs.
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    Been dippin some

    They do look good. What's the price range if you don't mind posting.
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    K 98 Mauser German Waffen stamped

    JR. You are probably right. The guy didn't look at it for 10 seconds and offered $1,500.00 for it. He said if it was all original it would be worth more. He said the stock had been replaced because it had a different four digit number branded into it. I re countered with the $1,700.00 an he...
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    K 98 Mauser German Waffen stamped

    I had a K98 that I bought back in the mid 80's for $150.00. I was going to build a custom 22-250 varmint rifle with the action. Since I already had 4 Varmint rifles that project never fell through and it just gets a spot in the closet. I would take it out every now and then and shoot or even...
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    Anyone on here shoot Single shot centerfire rifles much.

    Koger I'd like to see a picture of that one. I have always wanted a set up just like that. A Winchester Hi wall or Remington rolling block in 219 wasp or 6mm/30-30 based cartridge.
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    Anyone on here shoot Single shot centerfire rifles much.

    I would like the mini sharp's in the 22 Hornet with a Malcom 6x scope for shooting groundhog and crows.
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    FINS lakes trout fishing, anyone?

    I got 5 yesterday and another 5 today up at Lloyd's WMA
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    My 1st knife build project

    Looking great. Wish I had someone I could hang out with and learn from.
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    Average age of members here

    57 here. COVID destroyed my lungs in 2021 so I fell like 97 now.
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    FINS lakes trout fishing, anyone?

    It should. I really prefer charcoal or wood fire.