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    Help me out here

    I'm 34 years old and I've coon hunted since I could walk upright. I hold a professional job, and am not interested in seeing myself in the papers for being somewhere I'm not welcome. With that said, it takes a little effort to acquire sufficient ground to run Hounds. Yes, I've had my dogs get...
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    Get yourself a good Black and Tan coonhound. Let him find those coons.
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    Do you need coons thined out?

    Treed 6 in Washington co tonight!!!!!!
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    Whitley Co. KY Deer

    Travis, You think you got it bad??? I'll never live that deer down!!! It was killed on private land that we own.
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    Whitley Co. KY Deer

    Rockholds is where we live!
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    Year round Coon Season ,Whats your thoughts?

    A coon "killer" wants a year around season. A coon "hunter" wants to leave a few to run tomorrow night... If you've trained many coonhounds you'll know that sometimes petting that dog up is a much better reward than giving it a coon. If you like the competition hunts, you can't kill all...
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    Whitley Co. KY Deer

    Haven't yet, Harry Whitehead at Gunner's Taxidermy has him now. He's going to measure him. I will let you know. Trying to upload another pic so you can see whats going on inside this deer's basket. Its pretty cool.
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    Whitley Co. KY Deer

    My dad got this buck....thought it was a pretty good one to get in Whitley.
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    Year round Coon Season ,Whats your thoughts?

    I like to follow a coonhound as much as any man. I also like to deer hunt as much as any man. Its all about balance folks...
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    Anyone on Kentucky Lake?

    Thanks stackr.... Looking forward to going but kind of nervous with a new body of water and all...
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    Anyone on Kentucky Lake?

    Thinking of Crappie fishing there this weekend. Anyone catching any or have any reccommendations?
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    What happened to the thread

    I'm thread got removed. Didn't realize it was illegal on this board. But I must ask, whats the difference in selling a stud service and selling a gun? Besides, I don't "hock dogs off" or peddle dogs. I have Cadillacs for coondogs. Come hunt with them and you'll...
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    Hey, I saw your post about needing some coons erraticated. I live about an hour and 45...

    Hey, I saw your post about needing some coons erraticated. I live about an hour and 45 minutes from you, but I'd be glad to come up and help. My name is Nathan Nantz, I live down in Corbin KY. I am an Accountant for a living, and I have a good dog. He is a Grand Nite Champion. I like to...
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    Seems like I overheard someone say that Ky. Outdoorsman was implementing manditory saturday work for the Archery Dept. beginning the first day of rifle season. Thats unfortunate. I'll be thinking about you when I'm out there hunting!!
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    Plenty of em in Anderson County

    Looks like I need to send you a black and tan hound that will thin them things out lol. Anderson County is loaded with coon, I can't remember a time I hunted there and looked at less than 4 a night under a solid coonhound.
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    Coon hunt'n eastern kentucky

    I have some pretty good spots in Whitley (where I live) Laurel, Knox, Bell, and Rockcastle counties. Although I prefer to go to Lawrenceburg, Georgetown, and Dry Ridge/Owenton to coonhunt!!!!
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    Squirrel hunting club

    This would be a great thing for squirrel dog enthusiast. Having experience with coon clubs, one of the best ways to help out your sport is to form hunting clubs and support them. Kybowhntr, Unless Tim changed his mind since I talked to him last, the Club would be located in Corbin Ky. It...
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    Trying something

    Alvin, I'd part with my girlfriend cheaper than I would this dog! I did e mail you on your yahoo account about one that somewhat fits the description you have posted over on the UKC board. My dad has a littermate female to this black and tan that he might sell, but I'd have to ask!!
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    Trying something

    Thought I'd show you something you won't see everyday, a Black and Tan that gets hooked with style!
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    Believe it or not it doesn't take a full stock coonhound to tree a coon. Not even full stock coonhound pups are gauranteed to tree coons, many even with training never do tree their own coon. I have seen yard dogs that will tree a coon. If your pup has any natural ability, and you train it, it...