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  1. childersb24

    25ft fishing pontoon.

  2. childersb24

    ISO 20ga slug gun

    Nothing but the 220. Tack drivers plus you got more than one shot just in case you need it.
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    Order you some Nemesis safety glasses off Amazon. Get 6 pair for 30 dollars. They ain’t polarized but they are damn good sun glasses/safety glasses.
  4. childersb24

    Turkey Season 2023

    I ran into a lot of hybrids in Nebraska I ended up going to Wyoming to make sure I was out of them.
  5. childersb24

    bobcats get HOW BIG

    My biggest is 32pounds .
  6. childersb24

    Buying a Coyote E-Caller

    Everyone has a fox pro . I’d get something else. In my neck of the woods I need different sounds that’s why I’d choose something besides fox pro if it were me. I feel like them coyotes hear the same sound all the time so I try to be different.
  7. childersb24

    ocellated turkey hunt

    It’s on my bucket list for sure. Good luck to you . Are you using an outfitter?
  8. childersb24

    25ft fishing pontoon.

    New Haven Ky .
  9. childersb24

    25ft fishing pontoon.

    Our plan was to sell her car and the boat , pay cash for a big SUV then buy another pontoon . We definitely ain’t giving up lake life we just dont want a payment on a vehicle so we figured this was the best way for now
  10. childersb24

    25ft fishing pontoon.

    Pictures added.
  11. childersb24

    25ft fishing pontoon.

    I’m selling my 2007 voyager pontoon. It’s 25ft long with a 115 mercury optimax 2 stroke. I’m the second owner of the boat and it’s been a damn good one. I got twins on the way and I won’t have no time for it is the only reason I’m selling. It has some cosmetic issues but nothing to major. I...
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    Turkey Season 2023

    No we decided not to go with that guy. We went with wildlife systems south texas almost mexico
  13. childersb24

    Turkey Season 2023

    I’m counting the days. Going to south texas March 26th-30th to try and kill some rio’s. The outfitter said he’s loaded with birds but I guess we will see how it goes when we get there. Iv done a ton of research and everyone from texas to Ky says the population is way down . Hoping this outfitter...
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    Suzuki Samurai's Grandpa

    That’s bad ass
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    How not to snare your pets ?

    Just last week during the snow I caught a squirrel dog and the owner who was trespassing let him loose and he pulled my trap out of the ground and hauled ass. I got it all on camera but you can’t really see the guys face. I hate people.
  16. childersb24

    Weather Coming, Get Your Houses Ready

    I hope we get 3ft of snow.
  17. childersb24

    Question About Backup Generators

    That’s what I did. I bought a MR. Cool mini split from HVAC OUTLET in Danville. It was very simple to do.
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    How to set a gut pile?

    Perry you’re right on. Every coyote I get on camera stays out 20 yards and circles then leaves. 5-7 days later comes checks again same thing.
  19. childersb24

    How to set a gut pile?

    I currently have 3 deer carcasses that I piled up between 3 trees inside a thicket and I put logs and brush on top of it . I left the front a little open and have 2 access points where I’m trying to funnel them in. My traps are 4ft away from the pile. I have caught 2 coyotes 1 opossum and 1...
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    Groenewold Fur Co

    I have a buddy that owns a farm next to the river and he spends a lot of time and money trying to keep his lake stocked with fish but the otters are making it hard on him. I almost took the ones he killed but didn’t so he just tosses them. For future reference have any of you all used otter meat...