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    Leupold scope info

    Just be sure you're getting a genuine Leopold. There's Chinese fakes out there. My brother bought three new ones that were all fakes. The only way to tell is check the serial numbers with Leopold. He bought his at a gun show but was able to get his money back.
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    Red Cross Produces Maps on How to Enter US Illegally Without Getting Caught

    I haven't donated to the red cross for a good while and after this it will be a good while longer.
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    Any Turkeys for Tomorrow Members

    I've been thinking about signing. I probably will.
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    Average age of members here

    Well, I've found out that there's only 2 or 3 folks on here older than me! I'll be 76 next month. I don't think of myself as being old, but my body reminds pretty often anymore. With 2 new Knees, one new hip and arthritis those reminders come faster all the time. LOL
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    Turkey Season 2023

    The coal Co. went back and mined it again. They dug up more property. The best parts that always held birds.
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    Hunting in the land of Lincoln

    I'm thinking about hunting in Illinois this spring but they have some of the most confusing regs I've seen. I've missed the drawing and will have to wait for a left over tag. The have several five day long seasons and tags are only good for one county. For someone on his first go around it's a...
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    Deer hunter attacked by dogs

    Any time I'm up at my property I'm either packing my 44 spl. or my 1911 45. Back in the early '70s I had a pack of dogs trailing me back to my truck. Never was so glad the see that old truck! Now the threats are 2 legged varmints.
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    Couple of nice old Remington Shotguns.

    I grew up hunting with Dad's 16 gauge 870 made in '52 or 53. When I got older I bought me one, it has a one digit shorter serial than his. It must have been one of the first run made.
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    Turkey Season 2023

    I've shot 4 jakes in 35 seasons, two were gobbling hard and I thought they were long beards. The third one was at LBL and any male bird there is a trophy to me and number 4 was on my birthday and I couldn't pass him up.
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    Keck had already made his fortune and went on many lavish hunting trips, it was like a retirement for him!
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    If I can get a mature gobbler within 50 yds. I consider him fooled and that's where I let the old Remington go to work.
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    243 owners

    I'm making a habit of being wrong! I didn't know that. I should have said first big bore center fire bolt gun and I would have been OK.
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    243 owners

    That Marlin XS7 became the Remington 783. I have one in 30-06. It's also been discontinued. There was a pawn shop in Owensboro closing them out several years ago and I bought one for about half what they sold for originally. I also have a JM Marlin MR7 in 30-06. Marlin's first center fire bolt...
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    Turkey Season 2023

    Good luck, Peabody used to be great but it's half the size it used to be and more hunters than ever. I found one gobbling bird last year and some #%$^& got in front of me!
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    Quit smoking much?

    Me too, I probably gained 25-30 pounds when I quit. I also wasn't bothered with sinus headaches or coughing up phlem all the time. You can do it! I decided I wanted to see my grandkids grow up.
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    Quit smoking much?

    It's kinda funny secondhand smoke stinks but someone can open a fresh can of Skoal and it still smells good to me and I've been tobacco free for25 years. It still pisses me off that I spent all that money trying to kill myself.
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    We went down Thursday thinking the crowds would be smaller. Wrong, it was packed. I bought a little push-pull box that made the best tree yelps and two pair of camo pants. I wanted to visit Hooks Calls booth to pick up a few mouth calls but they weren't there this time. I got to meet some nice...
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    Bansner sleeved one for me and my experience was just the opposite of yours. with Federal 4s that he recommended it didn't pattern worth a crap! I wouldn't hunt with it till I found some Activ # 6s 2 1/4 oz. shells used it for years after that!
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    WTF! UFO???

    One things for sure you can't depend on our government to give us a straight answer.
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    machine’s magnetic field triggers gun to go off

    That's why my pistols have safeties, revolvers are a different story.

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