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  1. DocPain

    I am having trouble getting Strum Ruger to help with faulty handgun.

    Did you lose the ejector rod, spring, screw, or housing? Seems like you could just put it back on with some loctite yourself
  2. DocPain

    Record 6 point

    Right you are. I forgot about that.
  3. DocPain

    Record 6 point

    Looks like he was taken with a Remington model 740 or an early 742
  4. DocPain

    First one in three years

    I had been wondering if I had any around. First pic I’ve had of one. I’ve got plenty of Fox, coyotes and coons, but other than the occasional domestic cat pics this is the first bobcat pic I have.
  5. DocPain

    First one in three years

    Checked my trail cam yesterday and found this. First pic of one I’ve had on my property. I’m thinking bobcat. Am I right?
  6. DocPain

    Big Buck found in ohio

    Happens every year. More of these old monarchs die from natural causes and automobiles than hunters ever kill.
  7. DocPain

    410 ammo

    Just a heads up. Kentucky gun co. in Bardstown has Noble 3” 410 shells $19.99 a box. No limit. I know it ain’t cheap, but might be cheaper than next hunting season.
  8. DocPain

    35 or 30-30 or both

  9. DocPain

    Squirrel skinnin'...

    I’m like your dad. My success rate is probably 95-100% stepping on the tail. Done it that way since I was about 12 years old. I’ll be 70 this year. I may have slowed down a little, but at one time I could skin them faster than most guys could gut and rinse one. My dad and I used to run it like...
  10. DocPain

    WTB 2 things rifle & 270 brass

    There’s one in the auction listed in the previous post.
  11. DocPain

    Good Dogs seem to not last long enough!

    Sorry to hear this. I’ve gone through it so many times I told my wife at my age now, I don’t want another hound. I don’t think my heart could stand to lose another one.
  12. DocPain

    Next year or two

    I passed the biggest one up this year during the gun season. Grunted him in to about 12 yards. He was lucky my freezer was already full. Actually I had an opportunity for each of them in about an 8 day period.
  13. DocPain

    Next year or two

    Looks like I’m gonna have a couple good years coming.
  14. DocPain

    Walmart Savage Mark II

    I bought one several years ago. Can’t remember where. It came with a scope that had a small circle around the crosshairs and a black composite stock. I kept it loaded in the front closet for killing varmints around the house. Killed dozens of red squirrels, chipmunks, coons, and possums. Also a...
  15. DocPain

    Senior Lifetime License

    I don’t mind paying property taxes, but I think after a certain age you should be able to quit paying school taxes!
  16. DocPain

    Senior Lifetime License

    just like the lottery was gonna take care of school taxes 😂
  17. DocPain

    Senior Lifetime License

    I’ll be 70 this year. Reckon I’ll do the same as Plowboy.
  18. DocPain

    Aging deer in cooler and mold

    Might as well just fight the buzzards for road kill.
  19. DocPain

    Good Luck Charm for Hunters

    I love old finds like this. Any idea where the old gun originated or who owned it.
  20. DocPain

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    Bluegrass, classic country, classic rock, and Motown!

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