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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    That dog is bigger than the boys,good looking boys
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    ocellated turkey hunt

    Pretty bird ,that thing looks like it’s got peacock in it.
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    Dads alpha gal update

    I keep a gallon garden sprayer ,made up on my porch .
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    Dads alpha gal update

    Sounds like it’s a lot better,no one knows how things will play out ,with an illness ,just hang on and ride it out,deal with it as it comes.
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    Lurion electric bass boat

    If a feller had that boat,hooked on the back of that six wheel ,dodge truck ,he’d have to have secret service ,to drive to the lake.
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    UK basketball

    Ky is a hard place to be a basketball coach,should be like Congress ,they need term limits LOL, wins and losses don’t seem to matter that much anymore.Kansas St. has a coach and a team ,that had a purpose ,they wanted to win bad ,Ky as a team ,just didn’t seem to have the fire ,and desire that...
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    What is making this sound?

    I’ve got an ole coon squaller ,I bought back in the seventies,I use to make some blood chilling sounds with that sucker.We were camping one night ,at an old house ,there were five or six of us ,standing around the hood of a pick up truck ,just telling tales .Well I slipped around behind the...
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    Been dippin some

    Looks good ,those colors blend good
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    When my wife has the bologna sliced ,at the store,they throw the ends to the side ,she says what are you doing ,that’s the best piece.I love the ends
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    250K Dodge Ram anyone?

    I’ve put some thought in to this one ,to start ,I can’t see me spending that kind of money on a vehicle,if I had it.With that said ,these things must be made ,to cater to the pro sports people ,these young stars have the money and most no sense to manage it .I would also think maybe ,looking...
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    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    They’re scared to death of Trump ,cause he‘s not for sale, and Soros money cant control him ,like most politicians.
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    That ain’t no good
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    How about an NCAA tournament post?

    Worked with an ole boy ,we were all hyped up when I think Mark Pope came to Ky.,we were telling how much of a difference he was gonna make .His neighbor wanted to bet 100 bucks against Ky,the first game he played ,that ole man just knew it was a sure thing .We’ll they got beat pretty bad ,he...
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    What round for porch m... Nah Better not go there...

    Trying to find the end of the line
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    Reparations are Not a Joke

    Just another example of a bunch a woke liberals ,kissing a bunch of n-g--s a-s’s . I apologize if I offended ,any true Americans on here .
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    Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

    Maybe ole Joe ,can get Ukrainian president ,to loan some to the banks ,with a low interest rate.
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    Freeze warning next two nights

    Snow flurries,and some sunshine ,here March weather
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    The post anything thread

    All they need to do is put a stop to it, the old west style of cleaning up a town,it can be done ,and when the pu—y acting law makers ,say you can’t do that ,make them part of the clean up.Just an old head of the holler man’s opinions ,that don’t know a whole lot of nothing.

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