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  1. rlb165

    Making the best of rough ground.

    I’ve only planted a food plot in one area that was dominated by sericea. I did Throw and Mow, which means I threw seed out, sprayed glyphosate, then mowed the sericea down to cover the seed. It did pretty well. The first year, we planted a blend called 7 Card Stud. Sericea was farm gate high...
  2. rlb165

    Stone Branch

    Congratulations on getting Target 10, Stone Branch!
  3. rlb165

    Lock down phase - Myth, or misunderstood?

    We’re not “totally” unpressured, but we try our best. Last year I watched a buck locked down with a doe on November 14th, then a different buck locked down with a doe on the 15th. They were all right outside our yard. They stayed in sight for a few hours, moving maybe a hundred yards combined...
  4. rlb165

    New here

    Yep, that’s it. I haven’t tried the bread or pies, sounds like I need to.
  5. rlb165

    New here

    Welcome to the site. Do you ever go to R & S and get donuts? They’re the best donuts I’ve ever had.
  6. rlb165

    In Action In Grayson County

    I would be really interested in hearing how hunting here is different than GA if you don’t mind.
  7. rlb165

    In Action In Grayson County

    I’m not far from you, in Hardin County. We had good movement during daylight yesterday, both morning and evening. We have 2 or 3 potential shooters, several small bucks, and millions of does. I expect it to get a little better the next few days. Good luck
  8. rlb165

    Stone Branch

    Ok, I’m obsessed with doing habitat work, but right here, smack-dab in the middle of the pre-rut? Sir, you are hardcore!!
  9. rlb165

    Stone Branch

    For what it’s worth, I can relate. I’ve played around with a bee smoker enough to know there’s no “downwind” in our woods. What has kinda worked for us is treating most of our woods as a sanctuary, and planting food plots on the edge of the woods. The wind is a little more reliable where the...
  10. rlb165

    Land Management

    Strut ‘N’ Buck, KDFWR would love your place. I’m guessing they will suggest establishing Native Warm Season Grasses on a lot of it, especially if it’s currently fescue pasture. Anyway, here’s something I drew up.
  11. rlb165

    What is/makes a bedding area?

    Ezelkyhunter, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with deer beds and bedding areas since I saw how well it works. Our sightings are up like a million percent compared to before. Whenever I find deer hair in a new bed I’ve made, I tell my wife and kids, “Guys, this is the happiest day of my life!”...
  12. rlb165

    Daytime movement?

    ...then getting a drink of milk. This was from night before last.
  13. rlb165

    Daytime movement?

    We’re getting more corn pics at night, but still quite a few daytime pictures. For a while, they were hitting our food plots more than corn, but that’s changed in the last week or so. Our corn that’s getting the most action is in the woods, and I think they’re feeding on acorns, getting a bite...
  14. rlb165

    Farm expense vs income

    My parents get around $200 per acre in South Central Ky. The farmer generally rotates corn and beans. There are other landowners nearby that lease to the same farmer. Good luck.
  15. rlb165

    Food plot problems

    After reading this thread, I went over our food plots with a fine tooth comb, and saw something I’ve never noticed before. Something is eating horse nettle like it’s going out of style, but there was almost no damage to the brassicas, or anything else, that was in the blend we planted...
  16. rlb165

    What yall paying for corn?

    In Etown, shell corn is $7.49/50# at Southern States and $7.00/50# at Hardin County Milling.
  17. rlb165

    Sevr Broadheads

    Yeah, it was this Josh Bowmar video that my son first asked me to watch about Sevr’s. He starts talking about them at around 12:20. Something kinda cool about them, they have a place for a set screw that keeps the blades from opening, so you can practice with them, then just take the screw out...
  18. rlb165

    Sevr Broadheads

    My son also just switched to Sevr this year. Same as @xbokilla ’s buddy, he’s getting great flight with them, but hasn’t hunted with them yet. We've watched several videos on YouTube, and they always hold up well, shooting through car hoods and stuff. I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that...
  19. rlb165

    Been awhile.

    JD, I’m sorry for your loss. I test drove a truck the other day, and for whatever reason it reminded me of you posting about the gas mileage your truck got, which got me to thinking that you hadn’t been on here for a while. It’s good to see you. Enjoy your hunt tomorrow.
  20. rlb165

    No Baiting or Mineral/Salt Blocks

    I wonder how much this affected the youth season in these five counties.

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