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  1. deerhunter82

    caught this 8 pointer looking for a fight

    Thanks everybody! i'm out here hunted Fort Campbell now and not seeing too much, hopefully that changes tomorrow
  2. deerhunter82

    LBL bound this morning.

    just got back from lbl last week. it was one of the weaker years we have seen and we hit the week the bad weather came. Good Luck!
  3. deerhunter82

    caught this 8 pointer looking for a fight

    Thanks man! You been seeing any?
  4. deerhunter82

    caught this 8 pointer looking for a fight

    I killed him tuesday evening in clay county at 4:30. I rattled and before i could lay the rattle bag down him and a 4 pointer came in running.
  5. deerhunter82

    caught this 8 pointer looking for a fight

    After a long, hard, unlucky season i finally got to use my Kentucky buck tag. Good luck to everyone hunting.
  6. deerhunter82

    Central Kentucky Success

    Congrats! Giant Kentucky buck right there!
  7. deerhunter82

    walleye at laurel?

    I guess that explains my weekend of calm water at laurel. That was the only chance i had to get after them. I guess theres next year..
  8. deerhunter82

    walleye at laurel?

    Anybody out catching any walleye yet?
  9. deerhunter82

    Anyone coon hunting around Fort Campbell, KY???

    i'll be stationed there for the next 2 years, just wondering if there was anyone around there that coon hunted?
  10. deerhunter82

    Fort Campbell area???

    i was afraid it would all be leased out.. guess i'll hit the public land and see how it goes.
  11. deerhunter82

    Fort Campbell area???

    1wildcatcan, I've heard and seen pictures of good ones from there. I can't wait to get down there and see it for myself. i'm going to try to find some private property around the area also. excited to get my cameras out and get on one of those western Kentucky giants!
  12. deerhunter82

    Fort Campbell area???

    just wondering if anybody is down around that area?? i'm headed there in march. I'll be stationed there for the next 2 years.
  13. deerhunter82

    My daughter killed my target buck!

    Congrats! She sure killed a dandy! It will sure be hard to top that from here on out! lol
  14. deerhunter82

    What do you think this deer would score?

    Wow maybe 130 last year... I'd say 148 or close to it.
  15. deerhunter82

    2012 Indiana buck down

    Great deer! Congrats
  16. deerhunter82

    2012 10 pointer video

    Very nice video!!! And a magnificent buck!!! Congrats
  17. deerhunter82

    Just shot my first bow kill!! Doe!!

    Congrats on your first bow kill!! Nice job.
  18. deerhunter82

    160 plus Kentucky 2012 velvet

    Nice velvet buck man! Congrats
  19. deerhunter82

    deer 2012 pic

    nothing but turkeys here..
  20. deerhunter82


    Yes they eat it. I have a place that I hunt and they wear it out. If you look on it you can see where they been eating.

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