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    Christmas Traeger

    I am an old school smoker, wood charcoal and my old barrel smoker is the way i like it. Also for me i try not to buy larger items that are made in China, Like Traeger is.
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    I feel your pain, i shoot a ruger M77 in 280, been a bitch to find 280 anywhere.
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    Completed the Triple

    Finally filled all 3 tags, first pic is my knox archery buck, 2nd is my state Buck, 3rd is Knox gun Buck.
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    Summer Sausage

    Here is another photo of one of our processing days. Snack sticks, 30 lbs of summer sausage, 200 brats, and 30 jars of canned venison.
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    Venison Snack Sticks

    We compared to markwells prices, for snack sticks which is $8 per lb, We do all our processing, hanging, skinning, grinding etc, so our prices came out right around $2.20 per lb. Not counting our expense on vacuum sealer bags, so i guess if i add that it bumps to about $2.70 per lb.
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    Venison Snack Sticks

    Lol, i got family members already hovering around for their share. We used 62 lbs of venison, that we ground ourselves, and used 18 lbs of pork trimmings, i got from my neighbor who is a retired butcher, so he got me 30 lbs of pork fat for free.
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    Cast iron finds

    To me it looks like that says Taiwan, which is not a pan i would have any interest in. Cheap asian stuff.
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    Venison Snack Sticks

    Wer in snack stick heaven, batch we made on saturday, 80 lbs worth, 4 flavors (LEM) original, pepper, pepperoni and Hot, smoking was completed on sunday. Vacuum sealing today. Very good, LEM has great seasonings.
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    Cast iron finds

    Out of curiosity how much did you give for them ?
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    Cast iron collection

    Yes wood stove on left side of kitchen area, front left of pole barn is the bar area. Walls and bar built from free pallets. Also my collection is now at 138 pieces, every piece is cleaned/oiled and ready to eat from.
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    Anyone ever do Deer drives?

    I will rant on the Knox deer drive issue, i have seen on more than 1 occasion, hunters doing small drives, and one time it involved a now ex area guide, that i wont mention by name but is a known name around Knox. I did get the last laugh in 2010, i had 2 of their walkers go by me in a real...
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    Cast iron collection

    Yes i think they are both nice pans, and i have 1 of each in my collection.
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    Cast iron collection

    I am gonna stick with my assumption the #5 is a 3 notch lodge, likely made in the 1930's
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    Cast iron collection

    the bottom square pan is a small Logo Griswold, If the emblem is 1 7/8 inches then it was made between 1939 thru around 1957. The top #5 i am still searching first glance it looks like a 3 notch Lodge, but they dont normally number in that manner, so im still searching that one.
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    Cast iron collection

    Part of my CI collection hanging in my pole barn , kitchenette.
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    Chigger increase? Chigger repelent for deer hunting?

    I am a definite beleiver in Sawyers. I have been using the last 8 years or so, and i have had no bug issues. Have been out here on Ft Knox the last 2 saturdays, scouting and squirrel hunting, been on the ground in 6 different areas, also i squirrel hunt in tennis shoes, and no tape on...
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    Maximizing meat

    I will throw this out there. We use all our scraps, like the tough leg meat, rib trimmings etc, some folks dont seem to like, and we CAN it. More people should be doing this method, it helps your meat go further, and its very tasty, and is good in the cabinet for a couple years. I CAN in...
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    Stuffed Back Straps

    when we skin our deer in the fall, i cut my backstraps intentionally into 1 1/2 inch thick individual pieces and stuff and wrap each, i dont do the whole or partial backstrap way.
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    Educating turkeys by calling to them

    I believe they learn very fast, maybe not so much on private land where you can control the amount you are calling, but here on Ft Knox, i have heard turkeys gobblin in area 112 heavy on the first 2 days of season, but after every hunter has walked the whole loop around the area and called...
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    Homemade smoked breakfast sausage recipe?

    We just made 25 lbs of breakfast sausage last saturday, my neighbor is a butcher in louisville, and got me 30 lbs of ground pork trimmings for free, then we mixed 18lbs ground venison with 7 lbs of the pork, this time we just used the LEM breakfast sausage seasoning, so far everyone loves it.

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