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  1. buckchaser

    Any white bass reports?

    Anybody catching any in Nolin River? Thought about trying it this weekend
  2. buckchaser

    2023 Morel season

    I used to have a farm I could find all I wanted on.It had an over grown apple orchard on it and one corner of it would just be covered with them. Owner sold the farm and the new owner bulldozed the old orchard and I don’t think I’ve found but maybe half a dozen since. I only have one spot that...
  3. buckchaser

    Day trip ideas

    Take her to the quilt museum near Paducah 😁😁😁😁
  4. buckchaser

    Something positive

    What an incredible journey it must have been. There’s nothing like grandkids. After reading your post I’m just lost for words. Congratulations
  5. buckchaser


    Congratulations enjoy it. Maybe someday you can give me some pointers
  6. buckchaser

    Needs hung up on a big oak limb

    I have a granddaughter who is 4 and I can’t even imagine why anyone would ever abuse much less murder a child. IMO they should stake him to the ground and leave him and whatever causes his death so be it.
  7. buckchaser


    I need to paint my room I just hate to do it because I hate painting. I have all of my mounts on the wall around my table and 9 sets of antlers that I have mounted on a board
  8. buckchaser

    Super Bowl 2023

    If the catch going out of bounds was a catch then the one was definitely a catch and fumble.
  9. buckchaser

    First one in three years

    Bobtailed mountain lion
  10. buckchaser


    There was probably 40 in my yard when I got home from work yesterday
  11. buckchaser


    I already said that you couldn’t learn anything about beavers from me and I highly doubt that I could learn anything from you about playing pool. I did read one of your posts and I know from that post that you do know something about pool. However I seriously doubt that you would have any...
  12. buckchaser


    You issued a challenge to Tank all I did was call your bluff. Nothing personal all in fun. However I’m not scared to play for $20 a game. Question is am I good enough to back it up or am I just blowing smoke?
  13. buckchaser


    I don’t anything about beavers either other than just common knowledge that most people have about them I’ve seen several but I’m no expert in that field. Surely your not scared of a $20 a game challenge against someone who admits they know almost nothing about playing pool and is only trying...
  14. buckchaser


    I don’t really know much about playing pool. I played 9 ball a couple times when I was younger but I’d be willing to play some for $20 a game if you could teach me how.
  15. buckchaser

    Toyota Tacomas

    I’ve got 2000 extended cab 4x4. It’s got the 2.7 engine 5 speed manual transmission. I’ve had this truck for 20 years it’s got over 270,000 miles on it. Doesn’t use any oil and runs as good now as it did when I bought it. The only bolts that have been turned on the motor was when I had the valve...
  16. buckchaser

    8 point with a dropped side already

    The first shed I ever found was on December 12 th.
  17. buckchaser


    My dad passed away in 2006 hard to believe it’s been almost 17 years. He never deer hunted but he did love to fish. I can’t count the days we strolled the banks catching white bass. What I would give for one more.
  18. buckchaser

    Where is the sport headed?

    Tv hunting has both helped and hurt the sport of hunting. First it has turned the sport into a rich man’s sport. If you don’t have your own land or if your not rich your not hunting many good spots. Leases are only going to get worse because like professional sports salaries if one team won’t...
  19. buckchaser

    November 11 Roll Call

    This is my seventh day in a row sitting almost all day and I’ve seen 2 does and they both had a little one with them. Saw a spike Monday and finally saw a 6 point this morning. Hoping something changes I haven’t seen any chasing and my mock scrapes haven’t ever been touched.
  20. buckchaser

    Anybody hunting before gun opener? What are you seeing?

    I’ve been hunting hard for the last 4 days and I’ve seen 2 does and a spike. Haven’t even been getting any night time pics of deer

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