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    Euro mount question?

    A friend's dad was a taxidermist and he gave me a tip to deal with the brains. He said to use a drill and wire coat hanger with the end bent back in a U shape about an inch worth. I have used a chain link fence tie and also used a metal coat hanger cut to about 6-7 inches. After the head has...
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    Young parents

    My cousin and her husband homeschool their children in Indiana. They are people of faith and phenomenal people. Their children actually attend some in-class curriculum courses a few days a week with around 20 other children from the area they live in. They have people with differnt careers...
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    Leupold Poor customer service

    My experience with returns is you contact the company and they send you a shipping label. I paid the shipping, including insurance, in case the package was lost which totaled in the $30 range, best I can remember. Overall, it was s great deal and a great experience with the company. As far as...
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    Leupold Poor customer service

    I have returned damaged binoculars on 2 seperate occasions after I broke them due to my negligence, but I made up stories of slips and falls causing the damage. I do not like to pay to ship them back, but they sent back brand new, newer model binos both times. I felt like that wasn't a terrible...
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    CVA Wolf

    I have a CVA Optima Elite shooting 100 grains of 777 pellets and Hornady 240 XTP sabots. I've shot Hornady and Thompson Center sabots in 250-260 grain and both have shot consistent, accurate groups. I'll clean with water between loads when zeroing, followed by a thorough cleaning with foaming...
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    Forcht bank account holder?

    I found this article that says that is false. It is a more recent article than the early ones that reported the original story. I have an account there so I did a quick search. If it is true they declined a gun purchase, I'll take the little money I have and go elsewhere...
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    Trail camera delima

    For me, cameras all part of a 9 month process. A kill is the icing in the cake. I enjoy planting food plots, prepping stands, sharing pictures from trail cameras, strategizing, etc. I run 9 cell cameras, my brother has 5 or 6. Most are on the free/cheap plans on hard to reach areas in bedding...
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    Dog proof traps

    This is the link to it, it's sold by animal traps and supplies. It's very strong smelling. Hell, I'd get caught, too, it smells really good.
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    Dog proof traps

    I have a friend who uses bacon grease with shelled corn and the coons love it. I used a strong selling berry scent on the rim of the dp's with marshmallows in the tube with good success last year. I caught a few on cat food and sardines, too, but the berry/marshmallow was by far the best for me...
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    Summer Sausage

    I'd love to try to make my own this year instead of paying to have it done. Do you use have a homemade recipe you prefer or store bought, adding the cheese? It looks really good.
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    Fort Knox observation

    And starting May 3rd, 2023, if 18 years of age or older, you will need to have a REAL ID to enter any military base.
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    Fort Knox observation

    There are gun hunts throughout the season for military only, which used to not occur until recent years. I don't remember the exact year, maybe 5 years ago that change happened. I have zero issue with it because that is a fair perk of being a current or retired service member (I am a civilian...
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    Hanging 2 deer stands mid season?

    Are you putting them up in a field or woods? If woods, take a buddy with you so one can carrry the stand and one carry the sticks. Before going in the woods, pre-assemble the sticks and mark them with #'s to ensure you will connect and stack them correctly, in order, in the woods. This will keep...
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    Where to shoot

    I definitely wouldnt go for a head shot. Too risky and too small of a kill zone. If you don't want it to run anywhere, if anywhere at all, follow the back of the front leg straight up and go high shoulder/high lung. I prefer more of tight, behind shoulder lung shot, but it I dont want it to run...
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    A Diesel Shortage Is Spreading Across The U.S.

    With all the "global warming" and "climate change" that is melting all the glaciers, you'd think there would be plenty of water🤔
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    Kenton Co. Booner killed by SeekOne Prod.

    Lee has a special knack for it and I love their videos, but like Cole505, I don't want to talk to people.
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    Unit 2 DIY hunt

    Yes, Asher. I archery bull hunted it in 2014. A lot could've changed since then, I'm sure the autumn olive trees can only be that much bigger. I didn't get one but a guy in our camp did and another guy shoulder shot a big bull. They were there then, just dont expect many opportunities at a very...
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    Hang On Stand / Climbing Stick Advice

    I use a Hawk Helium XL stand (12 lbs) and the Hawk Helium Sticks(3 sticks 2.4 lbs each). I mainly use it on public land but it's light and easy to handle. I'm 6'7, 225 lbs and I can hunt comfortably for 4-5 hours. There are lighter stand and sticks available, but it your not walking a mile or...
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    Roger deskins buck

    YES. But not hunters sneaking in, outfitters did, bringing the hunters. Seven years back a friend shot a book deer. By the time next deer season rolled around the place had been leased for high dollars by Whitetail Haven Outfitters. It wasn't by coincidence either. My friend loved the...

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