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    Deer Population: Down by 3 Million

    This scenario is something I have personally heard from several hunters in Kentucky and Indiana. People are still taking deer, but some of them are having to hunt longer and harder to reach their harvest goals each season. This is the result of there being less deer in many areas. The deer...
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    Interesting Articles.

    Like many others I am interested in a lot of wildlife. Some do think it is interesting that cougars will and are living within 100 miles of Kentucky, back 20 years ago to find a cougar you had to go 1,000 miles west of KY, today there are some roaming around the Ozark Mountains which are only...
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    Weiss lake, AL

    Weiss Lake has gotten a lot of fishing pressure over the past few decades, some will say it is not nearly as good as it once was, others will say it is still great. If Weiss isn't productive you may want to stop off at Lake Guntersville in northeastern Alabama. It is a great Bass and...
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    Your best fishing day ever ?

    I have had many good days of Bass fishing on Lake Guntersville in Alabama over the years. More recently I have had dozens of good days on Kentucky Lake fishing the main lake ledges for Bass and Crappie. I have a Lowrance HDS 10 Side Scan/ Down Scan Unit in my Bass Boat. It has helped us find...
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    What kind of Crossbow do you have ?

    TenPoint Stealth SS
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    LBL Elk?

    I think on one of the pages of the LBL website it talks about how the TWRA, LBL, and the KDFWRA all have had discussions on the issue of reintroducing wild Elk into LBL. The problem likely is the Elk would leave LBL by crossing KY Lake, and Barkley Lake. The Elk would also end up in northern...
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    Deer Population: Down by 3 Million

    Harvest numbers can be deceiving. Example: Lets say a hunter used to see 10 to 15 deer per day and lets say that hunter used to take 3 deer per season. Now today that same hunter is only seeing 10 to 15 deer per week, but still taking 3 deer per season. Even though the hunter is obviously...
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    What are the Threats to Deer Hunting's Future?

    The Deer population is declining in many areas of America, as a result of too much doe harvest and things like EHD and Blue Tongue. America has 3 Million LESS deer today than it did in 2008, and about 6 million LESS deer than it had in 2003.
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    Armadillo at Higgonson Henry WMA

    There are a lot of Armadillos around here in the Kentucky Lake area. There are a lot in LBL also.
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    New state record deer harvest

    Harvest numbers can be very deceiving. Just because harvest numbers are staying the same or slightly increasing does NOT mean Deer numbers are the same. Example. Lets say someone used to see 5 to 10 deer per day a few years ago. And they harvested 3 deer each season. Now today there are only...
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    Habitat Improvements at Cave Run Lake.

    This will be good for the fish populations in the lake.
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    Deer Population: Down by 3 Million

    The Deer population in the United States is down by at least 3 million since 2008. According to another article the Deer population in America is down by around 6 million compared to what it was in 2003.
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    LBL Hunting and quota hunt question and answer thread

    LBL is one of the hardest places to hunt in Kentucky. Thousands of people hunt there each year, but few have success. The success rate is probably one of the lowest in this part of America. The LBL Deer herd is down by several thousand compared to what it was several years ago according to LBL...
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    Interesting Articles.

    It will be interesting to have a wild Cougar population within 100 miles of Kentucky in the near future. The Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas will likely support a cougar population in the next few years. Several Cougars have been confirmed by Biologist during recent years only 100 to...
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    Illinois Deer population seems to be Down a lot.

    So far about 30,000 LESS deer have been taken in Illinois this year than what is the average. Harvest numbers are down in over half of Illinois Counties. Deer/ Vehicle collisions are down also, and have been down for a few years in Illinois. I read where the Illinois harvest has been down...
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    Would you support having Crossbow Season dates the same as Archery Season Dates ?

    It sounds like you have it all figured out. I hope everything works out good for you. I hope the rest of your hunting season goes well.
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    Would you support having Crossbow Season dates the same as Archery Season Dates ?

    Meanwhile around 65% of respondents agree with me so far in this Poll. Questions like these would NOT be controversial if some people who respond would grow up and act mature and respectful. If people would just say Yes, or No to Polls, or give honest opinions than these threads like this...
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    Would you support having Crossbow Season dates the same as Archery Season Dates ?

    In some states you can use lasers on Compound Bows. What about Red Dot Scopes on Compound Bows ? Are they legal in Kentucky ?

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