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  1. BootsOn27

    Joseph Fay Britt White City WMA Waterfowl Refuge.

    Yesterday at work I was obliged with viewing a video of an "interaction" between one of the landowners adjacent to this area and a group of guys hunting "his hole" this season... It was an interesting situation to say the least. To my knowledge the area of interest in this petition is not the...
  2. BootsOn27

    Singleton LA cutdown on the way

    I really like the Mondo, no personal experience with the singleton's. But go ahead and start doing your breathing exercises. Learning how to control what little backpressure there is with your hand is critical. Some days that sound is the ticket, some days it is not but I have seen it make ducks...
  3. BootsOn27

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    Them ol boys at check-in are sure to remind you to "NOT SEEK THE TREASURE"
  4. BootsOn27

    Busted up and Broke off Racks

    The wife passed a solid 8 that had the entire left side of his rack broken off. Like down to a knub... saw numerous scrubs that had all kinds of broken issues. The buck I ended up killing ~130" had his right brow completely broken off (and it was fresh) and a piece of his G3 on the same side...
  5. BootsOn27

    Ballard or boatwright

    Did they actually uphold their statement of "more boat-in/walk-in spots than usual"?
  6. BootsOn27

    hunting strategy

    Personally I'd look at a topo map and have a stand on a good draw, saddle, pinch point whatever you wanna call it in that woods. Assuming it isn't just "flat". Some people have luck in big open fields but I've always prefered small secluded fields and/or covered travel routes much over the wide...
  7. BootsOn27

    November 16 roll call

    Chinook just flew over tree top high. Heck of a way to scout. The thump probably knocked my scope off.
  8. BootsOn27

    Acorns affecting kills?

    If your wife was only interested a couple weeks out of the year, where would food rank on your priorities during that time?
  9. BootsOn27

    For you LR turkey snipers

    I personally have no interest/desire in killing a turkey past 50 yards. Have let them walk at 60 multiple times because if I am not confident that bird will flop I am not even going to try it. That being said, I killed my first one with TSS last year at about 40 after he busted us and I was...
  10. BootsOn27

    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Duck hunting has been and always will be a rich man's game. We (the common man/woman) are just pawns.
  11. BootsOn27

    New Avian flu found in W KY- first in Miss FLyway

    Mother Nature starting to take her role?
  12. BootsOn27

    Particular who you hunt with?

    Nailed it brother
  13. BootsOn27


    Saw my first flock of the year in Muhlenberg yesterday afternoon. ~50 birds headed due south.
  14. BootsOn27

    21/22 Super Thread

    Not using the 4WD enough!
  15. BootsOn27


    Agreed, usually by Halloween I am hearing lots of them flyover the house. Not the first purrr yet.
  16. BootsOn27

    Food plots

    Corn pile in september, plant winter wheat/clover combo late september to early october, hunt acorns in october, then by that time your wheat is ready. Clover will come on strong later and you'll kill turkeys in it in the spring. Repeat process the following year.
  17. BootsOn27

    November 5, Roll Call

    Biggest deer I've killed I shot out of the swivel glass in an old trackhoe.
  18. BootsOn27

    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    Wife and I were both drawn for Ballard, just took 4 pref points a piece though..
  19. BootsOn27

    Whistling tree ducks?

    A feller up the road shot one in a slough off the river a couple years back. I ran into a few while fishing down south...odd looking creatures. Didn't seem very "agile" compared to most ducks.
  20. BootsOn27

    Pro drive

    Yes those are very good numbers from what I was expecting, I'd be happy with that too. Moving along pretty good for a 25 horse

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