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  1. nontypical2002

    5yr old ....

    Delivered this deer to a 5yr old hunter. I was aloud free range on this mount and I came up with a one of a kind backing for a pedestal mount. They absolutely loved it!!
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    Thank you
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    Thank you
  4. nontypical2002


    What app do you fellas use to downsize your pictures you'd like to post? Thank you
  5. nontypical2002

    Bill Clinton listed nearly two dozen times on alleged Jeffrey Epstein flight log file leak

    Wow, shocker. He also has his own line of cigars too....Monica specials.
  6. nontypical2002

    Otter #3. Big male

    Make sure you do a good job on fleshing them. Be sure and split the tail to make sure your tanning gets clear to the tip.
  7. nontypical2002

    5 Black cops in some series trouble....

    The ONLY thing that saved this city from being turned into ashes was they took all of involved into custody. That's the only thing that saved that city. Had this been white officers involved and were caught on tape this entire country would have in serious trouble...another Minneapolis all over...
  8. nontypical2002

    5 Black cops in some series trouble....

    That video that was posted says it all. Good lord...granted, the guy had no business running, but the video of the one big thug just throwing punches into this guy's face was almost hard to believe. All the cops involved will do some serious prison time over this incident and rightfully so. At...
  9. nontypical2002

    Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden?

    Gotta call you out Cornpile, you can't use 'think' and 'Biden' in the same sentence
  10. nontypical2002

    Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

    198 4/8" gross 174" gross 177 5/8" gross 197" gross Unknown score on last one...
  11. nontypical2002

    How confident are you in the election process?

    Perfect example....
  12. nontypical2002

    How confident are you in the election process?

    There won't be an honest election now that the democrats have learned how to cheat the system.....and not get caught. They tried it with Biden and low and behold the idiot is now the appointed president. They got away with it, plain and simple. You have mail in boxes to cast early/mail in votes...
  13. nontypical2002

    January 6 hearings on prime time

    Can't wait until after the elections coming up....when the Republicans win back what the democrats stole from them there's going to be investigations going on that the democrats have swept under the rug for awhile now because they had the majority. When the Republicans win in November get the...
  14. nontypical2002

    2nd Reveal Won’t Connect

    Maybe take your Sim card out and rub the contacts points on your t-shirt just to clean them and reinstall it
  15. nontypical2002

    Is it time to make Xbow season the same ?

    Apparently, he came on here and caused enough drama BS because people didn't give into his way of thinking and went to get more popcorn...
  16. nontypical2002

    Is it time to make Xbow season the same ?

    You're hunting public land!! You get butt hurt because I guy shoots "your" buck on public land with a crossbow? You'd probably come on here in the spring and cry because you were turkey hunting on public land and working a bird and a somebody shoots "your" bird with a 12ga and you were hunting...
  17. nontypical2002

    Debt forgiveness

    You might as well figure for the hard working people that have paid off their student loans already they're paying twice for it. Because this assholes idea of forgiveness is coming from somewhere because it isn't free money he pulled out of his ass. Up goes the national debt by another billion...
  18. nontypical2002

    Freebies For The Illegal Migrants....

    Somebody better hope these 1000s of immigrants flooding this country don't have voting rights come November 2024.
  19. nontypical2002

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    You dumbass....Eric's last name is Trump, not Biden. Point the fingers where they belong and start counting money that the POSs son made illegally. All those millions could sure go along way in Eastern Kentucky

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