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    My real name is Chad Denton. The people this was directed at know who I am and they know where I live...since I live and own where I hunt. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I847 using Tapatalk 2
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    There are some rumors circulating around Henderson about Me and the guys I hunt with. The rumors are that we killed over the limit of geese last week. We had a really good day...frankly the best day I've had in 30 years of hunting, but we did NOT kill over the limit. I take the accusations...
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    Missouri Duck Hunt

    Hmm that sounds familiar. I'll add we saw as many ducks as anywhere I've ever hunted, but the weather has them in non working mode. Proves that weather dictates success no matter where you are.
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    Ducks/Geese with bow in neighborhood?

    Better get in front of that one with your local CO, before one of your neighbors does and it winds up not being legal. Technically it falls under "single projectile", so you better ask his thoughts. It is his job to answer any questions you may have, don't hesitate to a lot better...
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    Just got drawn for the Sandhill Hunt!!!

    Ribeye of the sky, better look out! Pretty sure everyone I know that put in got drawn. It will be a stretch to get one, but if we have the opportunity it will be legal!! Good luck everyone who got a permit!
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    Exactly, correct!
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    I saw them all day yesterday here. Wasn't a time all day you couldn't hear a group somewhere. I was out working most of the day today and didn't hear any today. I agree hope I get drawn and hope there are a few around then. Seems every year we have some work our goose my...
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    indiana hunting

    To hunt Indiana seasons have to have Indiana license, and visa versa, the old reciprocal agreement is now null and void. Last year would have gotten you a warning, this year will get you a citation. The location of the low water mark doesn't matter. If the season is closed in KY and open in...
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    Gun recommendation/Post Your Waterfowl Guns... (2 reason)

    I still use one of the original SBE's. Been going strong since 1993. I hunt a lot, probably too much, and it is still my favorite! If I had to replace it, I'd definitely get an SBE 2. IMO best shouldering, shotgun ever. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I will warn you...
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    Watch the River Stages

    Good news for bottoms hunters....kinda...Latest river forecast is 40.8 at Eville on Sunday and 42.3 at Uniontown Tuesday. I watch this a lot, and it's always good news when they revise the numbers down at the end of the rain event.
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    Watch the River Stages

    Wanted to point out for any interested or curious, when you are coming out of the bottoms on 268, look at the first light pole in the water at the Bayou. There are 3 white markers with the river stages and dates from the Spring flood. Water level was at the bottom of the markers when I put...
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    Watch the River Stages

    Don't work on it just been running the around in the bottoms and on the river my whole life. Live in the bottoms now have for 13 years, backwater is a way of life...especially after this Spring.
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    Watch the River Stages

    Ohio at Evansville is forecast to crest at 41 ft on Saturday. This will put most everyone West of Sloughs under water or at the very least, cut off from anything but boat access. At that stage all the pits on Tram Rd. will be under water and Brushy Slough at J. Dance Road will be deep but most...
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    Gun Question

    You can have 8 guns or 110 if you want to, and you don't have to have any of them in a case. You can have them right next to you on the shooting deck! As long as they have plugs and are loaded with steel shot you would be legal!
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    goose hunting question

    I also should add that we are hunting from permanent pits. So whatever the field is in, is what we hunt. So we make the best of what we have, we don't have the luxury of moving! Just wanted to be clear on that, but my point still is a bean field CAN be a very good spot to kill geese!
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    goose hunting question

    Soybeans are a harder to hide in, but as far as birds liking...well I've been hunting for darn near 30 years. I've been in on A LOT of geese being killed....the best year I was ever in on was a wheat field and second best (by 1 less bird) was a bean field! If birds fly over it, what the crop...
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    Field Spread...

    No such thing as TOO MANY! We use 30 doz Bigfoots, and looking to buy more!!
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    Goose Pit Party

    I've had a 40 footer in the ground for 9 years. I can give you some advice on the bracing. If you run a steel beam, we used 2x4 channel, from the bottom beam to the top beam that will keep walls from coming in. I didn't do that and an had to dig out front wall and pull it out then brace it...
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    Diamond Island Auction

    There really isn't all that much woods on it. A thin ring all the way around and a decent patch on each end, and they are there for a good ever picked up drift after the river goes down? Not sure it can be cleared anyway, very likely would get same protection as wetland trees.
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    Diamond Island Auction

    I live pretty close to the island, and that's the name I've been hearing. Already owns Wabash Island and was the runner up to Peabody last year in the AEP auction. To answer what will be done with it FARMING, and that's probably about it!

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