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  1. AndySchulte

    Hard Antlered Buck

    Saw a decent buck packing both sides in Jefferson county today.
  2. AndySchulte

    Is anyone hunting?

    Out on a quota hunt this morning. Been a rough season with only a bow in hand so far. Its nice to have a rifle. Won’t be much I’m letting pass today.
  3. AndySchulte

    The midday buck- movement theories

    Wednesday i was sitting at Taylorsville and had a squirrel hunter shooting down the woods probably a quarter mile away. Around 11 am I had a buck I would have shot move through just out of range that came from the direction of the other hunter. In that case, I think the buck was definitely...
  4. AndySchulte

    Man dies from treestand collapse

    Man I hate to hear that. I hope I’m still climbing trees at 94.
  5. AndySchulte

    Thank you Mr Trespasser

    Sweet new stand you’ve got!
  6. AndySchulte

    Big buck killed in Franklin County but

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but if I was going to break the law, I don’t think I’d be compelled to post a video of myself doing it.
  7. AndySchulte

    Where is the sport headed?

    I’d shoot the shit out of that deer. Congratulations to your daughter! Anyone who has anything negative to say about a harvest can kick rocks.
  8. AndySchulte

    UK basketball

    At least y’all didn’t lose to Appalachian state…
  9. AndySchulte

    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Sat this morning and got soaked. Had one loan doe come in behind me and got literally to the base of my tree before I knew she was there. I was so busy trying to stay warm I forgot I was supposed to be hunting I guess. I’m thawing out now and tossed my clothes in the dryer. I’ll head back...
  10. AndySchulte

    November 11 Roll Call

    I should just take up squirrel hunting.
  11. AndySchulte

    Here's a weird one

    Glad they put him down.
  12. AndySchulte

    November 11 Roll Call

    I’m headed out this afternoon. Not trying to get soaked this morning.
  13. AndySchulte

    Shooter Bucks ??

    If the antlers are over the ears, I’m shooting.
  14. AndySchulte

    November 8 roll call

    Saw a good buck cruising a bottom. I thought he was going to come up the knob to the scrape and get himself killed. Got blown and by a spike and had a pile of does blast through. Rattled in a 6 pointer at about 10:30.
  15. AndySchulte

    Using Pumpkins to attract deer

    my neighbors threw some in the green space behind the house. I saw a doe eating from the pile on Saturday. Who knows? Give it a shot
  16. AndySchulte

    Gun hunting the rut

    If the deer population started nose diving I’d maybe entertain the idea. The way it is now, deer hunting is generally great across the state. Don’t fix what isn’t broke IMO.
  17. AndySchulte


  18. AndySchulte

    First deer you can remember you ever seen.

    First one I ever saw up close was a doe my dad had shot. He skinned it in the garage, I remember being grossed out 😂 He said I poked its eye with a stick, but I don’t remember that part.
  19. AndySchulte

    Gutting Deer

    If I’m far from the truck I quarter it in the field. If I’m dragging it, you better believe I’m making it 40 pounds lighter lol
  20. AndySchulte

    Bad times for my great-grandchildren..

    Oh man I’m so sorry! I’ll be praying for you and his family.

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