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    Big Pendleton County Buck, Bow Kill

    2 Poppa, is this Darryl??? I can check and see if my friend knows anything about this deer. Dave Ervin
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    Bass boat or fish skee????

    I agree, bassboat. Not enough room in the fish/ski. You will regret it later. Dave
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    Bear Kodiak Recurve??

    I have a 50lb recurve, just got it. What kind of arrows should I be using? This is all new to me. Alum? Carbon? weight? size? Broadheads you recommend?? Thanks, Dave
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    Crappie on Rough River

    I will second this post. Heading down next weekend Oct. 26-27. I will need all the help I can get. Never fished there before. I did hear the lake is going thru a fall turnover right now and they will start to pull the lake hard on the 20th. Please any crappie reports this week? Water temps? Dave
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    Water temps are too warm yet. In about 2 weeks and right water conditions they should be moving up below the dams. Dave
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    Salmon Fishing 2011

    Were you fishing Manistee River? I used to fish up there every fall. Haven't been up in years. Dave
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    Fishing in NKY??

    try fishing below Kincaid lake Dam, in the creek below the dam. Fishing can be pretty decent there at times. Also try fishing the dam in Falmouth, South Fork licking River and below the dam. Wade fishing can be good there at times. Aj Jolly, if you enter the park and go around the lake road on...
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    Aj jolly

    You can fish all nite in a boat on Jolly. Don't know how safe the ramp area is after dark. I have stayed out there to early in the morning and had no problems, this was a couple of years ago. Dave
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    Need some help.

    I believe Kincaid has an open Sat evening tx, time is ?? 6-2am?? Dave
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    Cleaning a Muzzleloader

    I need to clean the barrel of my muzzleloader. Problem is I have a scope on the barrel. How do you go about cleaning it with the scope on. It is a 50cal.CVA stainless short barrel, percussion. Thanks, Dave
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    project boat

    Try this link, it is excellent info on builds: Where did you buy your lukabond? What type of material is it? Dave
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    Florida Bound

    I am heading to Gulf Shores, AL about 50 miles west of Panama City FL, next Friday, 9/24 for a week. Any advice on fishing, where, how , what to use, what to catch?? Dave
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    Fishers in No Ky area?

    I was told last week that there were fishers seen in Campbell Co area, is this possible/true? They were seen by a neighbor of mine. I know they look like weasels but are much larger. Just curious. Taxidervin
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    Watts Bar Lake

    We went 4/24-29, stayed at Piney Point. Well, we had terrible weather. Rained heavy every day. Winds from 15-30 mph, tornado Saturday evening in Mississippi. Worse conditions I have every fished in for 4 days. Whitecaps and swells on main lake up to 3’. Didn’t matter, just fish the windy...
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    Licking river near cincinnati

    Licking River in Campbell Co. There are largemouth, smallmouth and spots in the river. There are largemouth up to 5lbs or so. Most are from 10"-14". I have caught smallmouth up to 3.5 lbs. Spots up to 3lbs. Lots of white bass and drum. You can put in at Frederick's Landing or go out to Cline's...
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    Licking river near cincinnati

    Licking River You can go about a half mile past the Pond Creek Visalia Bridge. There is a riffle there. You can get through if you get out and pull it through. Better fishing starts where the river takes a sharp bend to the right, just pass the restaurant KnottyPine on the Bayou, up on Licking...
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    NKY crappie waters

    Brookville Lake In and East Fork Lake OH These are the 2 best in Northern Ky area, within 45 minute drive. Kincaid gives us some nice crappie occasionally and so does Williamstown Lake. The creeks running into the Big O can be good at times too. Boltz isn't too bad at times either. Dave
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    New All-Tackle Brown Trout World Record: 41 lb 7 oz

    Manistee River What a fish!! That is a great fishery. I fished it alot back in the 80's. I caught brown trout around 10lbs there, but my biggest fish was a 35lb Chinook salmon. Talking about a freight train! Dave
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    what do you put in your coon cages?

    I like... dry cat food works great and PBJ sandwich works well too. Dave
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    Meldahl Dam Hyrdro-electric Construction

    Meldahl What I have heard from the Campbell Co. CO officer, is that they have not started construction on this project. Said he didn't know when they would start. Dave

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