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    Rut Report

    Southern Kenton County has not shown much "Rut" in my outings unfortunately. Tonight I saw one group of 3 does and another group of 4 does last 30min to 45min of shooting buck activity.
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Only heard 1 myself
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Nothing but birds for 3hrs. May head in at 1030 or so for family stuff. May do an evening sit too.
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Nothing here since 30min before legal light in southern kenton
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    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Good luck everyone! I won't be hunting with a gun today, but still seems like the beat morning all season. I've got my own little spot. With luck, a gun hunter will push some my way!
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    Using Pumpkins to attract deer

    I know they like them, but never used them before to get deer to come in. Have a local farmer down the road looking to sell leftover halloween pumpkins. Price is $1 to $2 a pumpkin when I get a full 8ft pickup load (fine by me). I know not only deer would go for them, so I don't see them "going...
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    Hunting In Wind - are there facts on either side?

    I ended up going out. I didn't see any shooters, but I did see 3 does, 3-4pts and a 6pt. So yeah, wind had NO affect on the deer around here. If anything it got them riled up to move more once it died down a bit.
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    Hunting In Wind - are there facts on either side?

    I will likely still head out this evening. I have my Redneck Blind so I am not "in the wind". Really, better chance at a deer if I am in the
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    Hunting In Wind - are there facts on either side?

    Don't mean to start anything, but tonight's wind got me thinking about "being too windy to hunt". Some sites say anything above 15 is too windy. Other sites say wind doesn't really affect deer. I am just curious if there have been any (I am assuming so) real in-depth studies regarding wind and...
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    Watering tank / trough question(s)

    I saw some videos discussing setting up a tank. My main question is will deer be spooked by a above-ground stock tank? It's mobile (if needed). You can drain it if needed. I just don't know if I should go the route of a dug-in kiddie pool, stock tank, etc. Thanks in advance! p.s. The...
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    Redneck Blind

    Thay was the "fun" I positioned the stand where I wanted. I then put the blind in its side. It did not align to the stand (they made a triangle shaped separation). I had to prop the bottom of the stand up and slide it up against the stand. If you have a couple of strong buddies, you...
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    Redneck Blind

    A small power station with a 12v heater would likely do the trick.
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    Redneck Blind

    Here is a picture of mine! This is right after I got it positioned. Again, it's a 8x8 platform and about 12ft high.
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    Redneck Blind

    Where are you located? I just put up my 6x7 Redneck on a 8x8x12 stand. I have a very STOUT gin pole you're welcome to use.
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    Elevated Blind Placement

    You are both right. I do not gun hunt out of respect for neighbors. I only bow / crossbow hunt.
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    Elevated Blind Placement

    Hello all! This year I plan to upgrade to a "permanent" elevated box blind. Here is an aerial shot of the back 6 acre of my property. Only different is the overgrowth in that "choke point" has been cleared. To the left is a big patch (something like 60 to 70 acres) of forest. Bottom left corner...
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    Elite Hunting Blinds

    Does anyone have any experience with these? They look impressive...but cost $1,550.
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    Holy Cow....bucks are going at it!

    Wish everyone could hear what I just heard outside! Dogs were going crazy outside (more so than usual). After about 10-15min, I got out there. Holy crap two bucks were going at it! You could hear the antlers crashing and bodies thrashing in the leaves. Not sure about you fellas, but it's REALLY...
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    Would this worry yal?

    Aluminum is a PITA to weld. Even the slightest "higher then recommended" temp and you're toast...
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    Hang on stand issue

    i would suspect it is a bit of both. I can say with 100% certainty, if you aren't an accomplished welder, you'll be setting yourself up for a big fall...literally. The torque on the weld, along with the impact force of each "step," would necessitate a perfect weld. Would it work? Ultimately...

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