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    Anyone know a good knife maker

    Do you have contact info for Stlberg Steel? Like the knife at the top of his page. Dave
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    Slug gun preferences?

    I bought a bunch of buckhammers as stores marked them down to get rid of them. I have a mossberg 500. Put a tactical stock on it that has a spring to help with the recoil.
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    Anyone allergic to deer?

    What about allergy shots to build up tolerance to deer?
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    Booster for a regular radio???

    Am or fm station? Yes the do make boosters and antenna's. Problem is booster boost all meaning noise get amplified also sometimes and sometime it is filtered. Good luck. Dave
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    Vacuum sealer

    Seams like we have to replace our sealer every few years was wondering what everyone is using and how long they are lasting? We usually process 3-4 deer a year not at one time and rarely use it for anything else. In in the past foodsaver brand has been the one we used. Reading reviews I...
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    Any 32 Fans?

    Gangsters used them. Clive Cussler writes books and some off his characters use that caliber. I think it would be interesting a lever gun also. Dave
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    Hmm !

    Don't have facebook. Been off work hunting for two weeks. No back to work.
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    Hunters for the Hungry

    B&N in Shelby county has 42 donation tags to fill. I was the first donation Saturday afternoon and not sure if any more have come in. I will be trying to get at least one more. Dave
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    Deer and Horses

    Can't say for sure but I have been ridden horses in Brown County State park in Indiana and have seen deer walk along the horses and bed down on the hill sides. The beer can that is something else. Dave
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    Winchester deer season xp ammo

    I have been reading reviews also, I could not find any non-writer reviews since it was just released to market. What I could find was it will make a big hole so no shoulder shot unless you want to loose some meat. Dave
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    Game Cart

    It would take a big cart and then you have to load it and pull it. I hate hauling a deer up hill on a cart almost as bad as dragging up hill. Flat land is different but can't imagine hauling an elk on a cart. If you have 3 people quarter the elk and carry out.
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    Having some issues

    Could be bow arm is not straight or arrow rest not setup right. Have you tried walkback tuning or paper tuning? Does it happen at 5 yards 10 yards, 20
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    Tough squirrel

    Funny stories, gave me a nice laugh and reminded me of a time me and a hunting buddy took his son and nephew (city boy) hunting. The nephew wanted to carry the squirrels we shot. So we were walking along a trail heading back to camp and the boy is swinging the squirrels he hits his leg with them...
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    Tyler Roberts Shoot 2015 (NASP fund raiser)

    Good to hear it was a success. I somehow missed this date. It has been a regular shoot for my family. Dave
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    It is official

    All for archery season would have been good. Dave
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    New Puppy

    Birdman, How many pups are left? Are they english or Llewellin? Dave
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    last night's haul

    Nice looking hybrid bluegill. They are a blast to catch. Dave
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    Anyone on here Shoot IBO?

    My wife and I would go to a 3d shoot almost every weekend when we lived in Indiana. I had a choice of 3-4 shoots within 45 minutes drive. haven't found that many places to shoot at down here. Dave
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    Snow Shoveling...Your Approach

    I would probably shovel at 4-5 inches than 8. I use a snow blower, had a long driveway when I lived in Indy and was tired off shoveling. I did not sell it when I moved down here neighbors laughed when I moved in with it and when we get a big snow for some reason they don't look happy.. Dave
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    Next step help...

    I have a 50 @ 28 longbow but my draw is 26.5. I can use either 35/55 with the front loaded with 100 gr inserts or 15/35. I tune mine to be point on at 20 yards so they stick out a couple inches.I think the old Easton charts had the tip 1 inch from front of the riser. Some will go with full...

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