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  1. MercuryNewt

    Stand - Build or Buy?

    Yeah, I’m talking about the whole thing. Platform & shooting house.
  2. MercuryNewt

    Stand - Build or Buy?

    I was thinking about putting a new tower stand on my farm. Haven’t decided if I should build or buy. How large of a stand do you have where you hunt? Worth the money to buy or better off building?
  3. MercuryNewt

    Forestry Mulcher

    Does anyone know anyone with one of these machines that offers land clearing/clean up as a service? I know some guys with dozers, bobcats, etc., but I'd really like to get the debris cleaned up with a mulcher. Any suggestions?
  4. MercuryNewt

    Friday the 4th....

    Without checking his ID, I can't be for sure, but I would guess a healthy 3 year old. ;)
  5. MercuryNewt

    Hunter Harrassment

    Call the warden. My father-in-law's dad had the same problem with neighbors in Breck and the warden let them have it. Harassment is not confined to just public land.
  6. MercuryNewt

    I will be looking for the one that

    Good rub. Nice brow gouges! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. MercuryNewt

    Sunday morning roll call

    I'm out. Not feeling very optimistic, but the temps are cool, the time is right & besides, you can't kill em from the couch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. MercuryNewt

    2015-16 Deer harvest photos

    My daughter's first deer! Proud dad!
  9. MercuryNewt

    2014-2015 deer harvest pics

    Big doe taken 11/13 in Adair Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. MercuryNewt

    'Priest' buck / heavy mass / kill pics

    Great buck! Love that mass! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. MercuryNewt

    im severly pis*ed off at kdfw

    What county? My cousin is a CO and he just loves looking into these types of complaints. I know it really depends on the officer, but I can't tell you the number of road hunters he's busted over the years. He's sneaky. Just sits his blacked-out truck up in the woods and waits for the shots and...
  12. MercuryNewt

    Hunting Ridges & Valleys

    The "Old Timer" is right, but I think it has more to do with the thermal currents than the shadows, but they probably coincide as well.
  13. MercuryNewt

    My 2011 Buck- 11-9-11

    Congrats and thanks for the advice!
  14. MercuryNewt

    Let him go by....

    Good call. That's a young deer with great potential!
  15. MercuryNewt

    My biggest buck yet!!

    Great buck! Really nice mass!
  16. MercuryNewt

    Sorry poachers!!!

    I couldn't agree more! My cousin is a warden and he works his tail off on every lead. You would be surprised what they can uncover and what they'll do to try and catch their man.
  17. MercuryNewt

    Got Him Sunday Morning

    Great buck! Congrats!
  18. MercuryNewt

    Stolen Hoyt MagnaTec Bow

    Thanks for the tips guys! I have filed a report and a friend of mine is a detective and he plans to help investigate. Yes, I had it in the back of my truck, but I have a topper and everything was locked up. I know it was stupid, but heck, sometimes you have to hit the store before a hunting...
  19. MercuryNewt

    Stolen Hoyt MagnaTec Bow

    If anyone hears of someone trying to sell a 2002 Hoyt MagnaTec bow, let me know. It was literally just stolen out of Meijer's parking lot on Hurstbourne Pkwy in Louisville. :mad::mad::mad:
  20. MercuryNewt

    Got some bad news =(

    Same thing just happened to me!!! Beware, my bow just got stolen out of the back of my truck in Meijer's parking lot on Hurstbourne Pkwy. If anyone sees or hears about somebody trying to sell a 2002 Hoyt Magnatec let me know!!! I wouldn't mind putting some of my former training to work on this...

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