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    trapping ?

    I guess i'm asking is it poaching if you shoot a animal caught in a snare or trap if it is on other side of fence even though trap or snare was set on my side .
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    trapping ?

    is there a law on boundary line fence trap or snare sets . if you put a snare in my case in a line fence the animal can be on ether side of the fence when you dispatch it . are you trespassing if you shoot on other side or under fence . was ask this ? and do not know the answer
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    how to kill Johnson Grass for good ?

    thanks will try
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    how to kill Johnson Grass for good ?

    I've got johnson grass in my hay fields and food plots have used round up big and tough Drexel will burn down but the crap is right back next year at my wits end with the stuff
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    we got hit by EHD hard in BULLITT county back in 07 this doe looks just like what I saw deer were thin swollen in the head neck area would not move much and they seemed to smell funky than other dead animals do . I picked up awesome rack and could not stand to carry it around seem like...
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    Help aging

    4.5 or older nice bucks
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    Name this weed

    100 percent horse nettle is bad stuff try to kill before berries come on it they have a ton of seed deep roots an is a night mare to kill good luck
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    Tractor value

    willy go to and compare asking prices on that model tractor or call dealer ask for trade in price and what they would ask for it on there lot dealer will usually shoot you straight
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    53,000 acres...

    didn't thank you were allowed to take any kind of plant out of a state park be it mushroom or flower arrowheads shell or deer sheds . am I wrong ?
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    the bad about one building is fire risk with hay and equipment also working in it around hay with grinder or welding hay and horses should be off to there self . we have 8 barns and buildings and is not enough room to get every thing in out of weather . you will never build to big or to many
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    weather blues

    you can still do some work in the snow I've been burning brush piles . after the sun has melt the snow off them they are burn good and it can't go any were i'm burning large one right in the woods you can set fire to the grass in between snow cover also great time to be burning
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    Mount photos

    very nice deer awesome mount
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    I have gotten more big deer pics over lucky buck than anything else I have ever used
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    January ... Ridiculously Pic Heavy

    lucky man to have that kind of play ground . awesome photos . love my covert
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    2014-2015 harvest totals

    1 buck as always . don't enjoy tacking doe
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    Yote Count

    12 in bullitt all rubbed but 2
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    New Truck?

    have owned ford trucks my hole life have always been good trucks . they all break from time to time but my hard earned money was well spent with a none bail out built ford tough truck . that right there will keep me from ever driving a dodge or gm product
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    Got my euro mount from this years buck finished

    300winmag did you do the deer your self it looks good . I will never pay someone to do a euro mount again . it si so easy to do just skin boil and scrape . I don't care for plaques on the skulls or shoulder mounts .so you got about 7 to 10 bucks in peroxide drill a hole in the back and hang on...
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    Any farmers here?........Roll call I guess

    not had any killed yet but they are bad around me they try to get them but my momma cows will run right in the middle of them and run them off . they will peck there eyes out and blind them and eat them alive . they have a shorter wing span with white band on the wing shorter tail feather than a...
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    Kioti tractors

    ok here is were I do not agree with the new small tractors being better now . a 20 year old 55 to 60 hp tractor were on a bigger frame a lot heavy tractor larger tire size and were a true 55 or 60 horse tractor tractors today are 45 hp motors with pump turned up or turbo to get the hp from a...

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