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    Monday January 9th 4:00pm saw the largest buck I’ve ever seen in real life beside the highway chasing a doe! Scott County
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    Anyone near lexington want to shoot?

    There is a free range in Frankfort I'm in Lexington as well! From paintsville. Getting now tuned up right now. Be ready to shoot in a week or so
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    Best time to hunt groundhogs??
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    4 dogs.

    In the last month or two I have taken 4 dogs in the same field. I'm still hearing the howls of a pack and another pack in the distance. I don't want to eradicate them because I enjoy hunting them. But the farmer wants them gone. It seems to me if its such a good area for them to be. Will another...
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    So what are you shooting for night yotes!!

    I personally will not hunt them at night.
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    Who goes in june or other summer months?

    I get a mandatory vacation third week of July. I have seen more yotes that week than any other time.
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    yesterday morning success!

    You guys are harsh. For some reason I can only log in on my phone. Im still getting used to it. Cut me some slack. Guess ill stop posting until then. See ya.
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    yesterday morning success!

    here is a pic
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    yesterday morning success!

    I cant post pics from phone and for some reason i cant sign in from a desktop.
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    yesterday morning success!

    Yes we did have our orange on. Ill post a pic soon. And sorry for the bad typing i got a new phone touch screen havent mastered it yet.
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    yesterday morning success!

    My buddy and i went to try our luck in lee county yesterday. We setup on a narrow point over looking some open pasture land. In the bottoms of the hollows trees and brush stretched up 50 yards on both side of the hill. We he sent me started with a sequence of distress calls with no luck on the...
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    What drives a predator hunter ? To hunt something they can't eat anyway !

    I cant get enough Im sitting in a fancy restraunt as we speak with my foxpro hat and coyote hunter jacket. I see stand locations in my head all day long.
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    Predator Hunt?????

    Glad some people in ky are having some hunts. But its hard enough to find land locally. Thanks anyway.
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    Predator Hunt?????

    A friend and are def interested. But if we have no contacts for land there to hunt. Is any land going to be reserved for us to hunt?
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    still learning

    Jimmie I will say I prefer using my mouth calls anytime!!! My howler is my pride and joy. As to the the animals hearing the vibrations I do agree with. While growing up ! summer we moved the fence for the cattle. We turned them out and they got really close to it and just stopped. It was late in...
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    still learning

    Got a new farm to hunt. Coyotes keep hanging up on the ridge. They howl and bark for hours evening and morning! There are 5 strands of electric around the property. Although the bottom strand is easily high enough a dog could slip under it. I go under it with a pack on. These people have llamas...
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    What is your guys opinion? Could there be a remote chance there is a cat there? Ive heard rumors since I was a kid but no one that I know of or heard of has ever confirmed a sighting.
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    Best Call..

    I live by the howl. Seems like evry dog we get is with a howler.
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    cougar (mountain lion) im guessing. im vry skeptical but hey its worth a shot. if anythng maybe a coyote will come in!!!
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    Got a text message. Some folks close to my location think they have a large cat on their farm. Rumored the neighboring farm as admitted to seeing this large cat. They have lost a total of 2 100+ pound llamas. they found blood but no other evidence of the bodies. They also lost their miniature...

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