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    I love bowhunting

    Nice! Meat for the freezer. I love to bow hunt too. I hunt all of the deer seasons, but bow is by far my favorite.
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    What if we loose our gun rights??????

    What is it you're saying here? Do you mean that twenty children ages 6-7 were intentionaly killed to promote gun control? If so, you are very sick. I'm sorry if I am reading this the wrong way, but I can't see any other meaning to it. What a horrible thing to say.
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    What to plant?

    Ok, I have just been given permission to plant food plots on the property that I hunt. It is two small tracts of bottom land bordering a nearly dry creek. One plot is about 2.5 acres and I want to plant it with Sunflowers for Dove. The other plot is about 1.5 acres and I want to put in a deer...
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    Missouri Duck Hunt

    Looked forward to last weeks hunt in Missouri for some time. We killed one duck! The average came out to be less than one duck per hunter for the weekend.
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    How to find a lease?

    I have tried Craigslist and have only heard crickets. I am not looking for a lease here, just advice on where to start. The google pages are full of over priced land. I was just wondering if there is a forum somewhere or do guys go to county extensions for info, etc, etc?
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    How to find a lease?

    Where do you guys start your searches for a lease?
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    Post Rut/ Late Season Tactics

    The corn and beans have been cut for a month where I hunt, and the acorns are drying up. I guess I will put corn out, although I'm not a big fan of doing that. The bucks will stay close to the food source in late season, I just can't figure out what the food source is.
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    Post Rut/ Late Season Tactics

    Ok, so what are your favorite late season tactics if you are still holding a tag?
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    do cos normaly ware hunter orange during gun season.

    I hunted someplace years ago, Minnesota or Wisconsin I think. They made you wear your tag on the outside of your clothing. The CO's would just look at you thru binocs and go on about their business. Alot safer than approaching hunters from a deer trail. I have never been checked her in Kentucky.
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    Rifle Season

    I bow hunt mostly, and hunt every muzzleloader season. But I've got to say that I really love spending a couple of days in the woods with my 30-30. I wouldnt mind a shorter gun season.
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    County updates

    There were only two doe killed on the ridge I am hunting in Trimble County. I did not see a deer all day.
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    Opening morning

    I did not see a deer all day in Trimble County. There were only two doe killed on the ridge, and they were both killed at first light.
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    Discouraging Trail Cam Photos

    They are still eating acorns at my farm. I quit putting out corn last month because I was only getting pictures of squirrels.
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    Election day deer hunting results?

    I hunted all day in Trimble(after voting), and saw only a small spike.
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    How often do you see a decent buck while hunting??

    I hunt a 300 acre farm in Trimble that has some nice bucks on it. The farmer has lived on this land since the day he was born, and was very suprised to see some of my trail cam pics. That goes to show you how hard they are to see. Does and young bucks are seen often, the old guys are rarely seen.
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    Mandatory Squirrel Quota Hunt

    I am over run with squirrels! I guy can't even get a nap I'm the stand anymore. P
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    Anyone in the stand this morning?

    Voted this morning and then plan on sitting here in Trimble the rest of the day. Pretty slow though. Birds n squirrels.
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    Perfect morning!!

    Good luck to all of you, it sounds beautiful out there! I can't hunt weekends, so I am looking forward to Tuesday.
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    I live in Louisville and took the class in Taylorsville. They taught the class to climp a tree...

    I live in Louisville and took the class in Taylorsville. They taught the class to climp a tree with a tree strap, then unhook-climb in to the stand-hook back to tree. This whas done with a hang-on stand. I believe strongly that a person should be taught to keep their safety harness connected to...
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    Deer question

    I agree that it is the Buck that determines the sex of the fawn. I have always believed that a buck will leave to find his own area to call home at about a 1.5 yrs of age. This could be the next farm or a county away.

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