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  1. Ginsenghunter

    Early muzzleloader weekend thread

    Sitting in N Christian. Heard 4 shots, 2 were my buddy. He said he has an 8 down. Blew deer out at 5:30 and have only seen 1 small buck. Neighbor fired his quad up at 6:54 and rode to his stand. Back to his house at 8:00. Insane. If he kills a buck it committed suicide.
  2. Ginsenghunter

    2018 hunting season date change

    I heard resident licenses were going to double, since the non residents who pay more are actually better managers because of it.
  3. Ginsenghunter

    Wifes 2017 muzzle loader buck

    Nice rack in the bed of the truck behind her.
  4. Ginsenghunter

    friggen road hunters suck

    If you got them to do it, you were very lucky. We were spotlighted several times into and out of our place in Christian County, found shot caped out deer, and were repeatedly told they didn't have enough officers to run the operation. We had the perfect spot too, where there was no way of...
  5. Ginsenghunter

    New Lease Questions

    American Hunting Lease Association
  6. Ginsenghunter

    Sika deer Killed November 2017

    I have pics of and watched one many times that is at least 2x that size.
  7. Ginsenghunter

    Sika deer Killed November 2017

    I'm not sure what constitutes a small population but Floyd's Fork ain't hurting I can promise you. Yes they hop like mule deer, They sound like cats fighting when they bugle. It is very odd. They eat more corn than whitetail too!! What we have found is they love the thickest areas and don't...
  8. Ginsenghunter

    Got it done yesterday afternoon

  9. Ginsenghunter

    GOT HIM! 3yrs history.

    Awesome storyline and ending.
  10. Ginsenghunter

    Have to vent

    Yep, if it wasn't on your lease what do you care? Go back, hunt, and enjoy yourself. Don't have antler jealousy.
  11. Ginsenghunter

    Your thoughts on this

    I leased 950 acres in Christian County and there were a whopping 3 spots to hunt. You must have areas of refuge on properties or you are SOL without traveling bucks with the rut.
  12. Ginsenghunter

    Got an old warrior

    AWESOME! No tag soup for you!
  13. Ginsenghunter

    The 12pm 12 pt

    You know where the door is.
  14. Ginsenghunter

    The 12pm 12 pt

    I will have my opinions, and you can have yours. America is a wonderful place that way. If you don't agree you can say so, but the name calling is juvenile. Funny how everyone throws names on a keyboard. Enjoy your evening.
  15. Ginsenghunter


    Moving like clockwork. I dropped my buck off at Livingston's yesterday and there was a huge line. They said it would be ready the 27th. Must be good times for deer hunters around Hopkinsville.
  16. Ginsenghunter

    A dad’s dream year so far!!!

    Get'em Dad!
  17. Ginsenghunter

    The 12pm 12 pt

    I sure hope drives dont get started here like they are in PA. If you're hungry I understand it, otherwise I think it is no prize.
  18. Ginsenghunter

    24hr span

    Sure looked like it to me.
  19. Ginsenghunter

    Will he break the magical 170”?

    "I hate to call you on Sunday".... but he is calling you on Sunday.
  20. Ginsenghunter

    11/11-11/12 opening weekend thread

    From what I have heard people should have either done some target practice or taken better shots. Way more multiples than singles. Have seen 2 does, a bobcat and 150 turkeys in Simpson. I did hear a buck roar 5 or 6 times as he was running away the other side of a ditch. I couldn't see it...