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    UK basketball

    IU stormed the court for beating Purdue... Purdue. That's embarrassing.
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    Ja Morant

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    Average age of members here

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    Traffic circles

    Anything that requires collective common sense is bound to fail. Had a guy last week sitting at the yield sign and lay the horn on me as I drove around the circle. Great when everyone understands it though. Alumni drive at shift change moves twice as fast as it did before they put them in.
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    This puts me 1 county closer to the inlaws...but still 2 states away lol
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    Just signed a contract on a house last week and my God I forgot what a chore packing up to move is! Amazing what you can accumulate over 7+ years and 2 kids. Blessed but wishing we'd waited until my son was a teenager with a bunch of buddies to help us move lol
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    Super Bowl 2023

    Can't believe they made that call to decide a super bowl. You could call that "hold" on any play, any game of the year. I couldn't be more unbiased in this game and thought it was horrible. Clean play, let them kick a FG on 4th, then see if Eagles can tie it in 1:30.
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    Ky Afield

    Wife and I watched it last night. One of the better episodes they've had in awhile.
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    UK basketball

    This much talent should be a contender any year, much less this year. So I don't buy the pre-season hype was too high. This wasn't a bunch of freshman that were overrated.
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    Good price on AR trigger

    LaRue makes a real nice 2-stage trigger.
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    Good price on AR trigger

    I really like the Forma triggers for the price but that's a steal.
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    UK basketball

    We have 3 mcdonalds all americans, one 1st round draft pick, the defending national player of the year, 2 transfers that were 3 point sharp shooters, and the 2 time SEC assist leading PG. How can that team not be coached to make the tournament in a year when no one is excellent?
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    Here we go.

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    Chinese spy balloon floating over US.

    It totary does
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    UK basketball

    Livingston showing some potential tonight. I can't believe stubborn Cal is actually playing him at the 4 where he should be.
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    UK basketball

    Exactly. He was just walking around in the paint like OK you all do your thing, I'll hang out down here.
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    UK basketball

    I haven't been this frustrated with a PG since Michael Porter. I've seen Cal scream at and bench guards for any one of his bad decisions. I just don't understand it.
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    UK basketball

    Wheeler's your man if you want your PG dribbling at the top of the key with 7 seconds left on the shot clock. Or if your game plan is overpenetrating the lane into a defender, jumping in the air, and then looking to see if anyone's open.
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    David Crosby died

    I just now heard this. Really hate to hear it but its a miracle he made it to 81.