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  1. browningshutr

    Anyone kill a bear today?

    This is all new for me and is my first time bear hunting, but I haven't seen anything.
  2. browningshutr

    There here, there here, there here

    Thanks for the information. Like I said before, they can't enforce it differently than what is written in the regs.
  3. browningshutr

    There here, there here, there here

    Damon, I understand that you and Gunners have many years of taxidermy experience, and you are not discouraging me from doing taxidermy. I have been a licensed taxidermist for 4 years now. It's not my goal to be difficult here. I just want to ensure that correct advice is given. You say...
  4. browningshutr

    There here, there here, there here

    Damon, Can you please copy and paste the regulation that contains the language you stated?
  5. browningshutr

    There here, there here, there here

    Gunners, As long as he is not mounting his buddies deer for profit he does not need a license. Section 2. Licenses Required. (1) Any person, partnership, firm or corporation engaged in the business and accepting remuneration for mounting skins or other inedible parts of wildlife shall possess...
  6. browningshutr

    1st completed mount of the Season

    Beautiful Job!!!!!
  7. browningshutr

    Glad us trappers get along

    I haven't been on here for a while guys, but you guys are the reason I enjoy getting on here! I still deer hunt, but if don't even post or reply on the deer hunting forum anymore for the exact reasons you all have discussed. It's great being a part of a forum where you can get a sincere...
  8. browningshutr

    Help me out Boys

    Sending up prayers for your wife Perry. She sounds like a special lady.
  9. browningshutr

    Owen Co. Bobcat

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I know one thing, it takes a lot of patience!
  10. browningshutr

    Owen Co. Bobcat

    Thanks Guy! Yeah Wolverine, I've been hibernating with all this cold weather we've been having.:) Really, between wiring a house for a friend and trying to catch up on taxidermy work, it has been hectic. Hope you're doing well!
  11. browningshutr

    Owen Co. Bobcat

    Perry, you have a very good memory. Took me 2 years to catch that dude. I just saw another cat here close to my house last week. I think we are finally starting to get several around. Thanks for the compliment, and for your comments. When I get on the forum, I always look for what advice...
  12. browningshutr

    Owen Co. Bobcat

    Thanks Shane! I will sure make a point to visit with you while I'm down. Look forward to it.
  13. browningshutr

    Owen Co. Bobcat

    Yes Brandon, it is.
  14. browningshutr

    Owen Co. Bobcat

    Hello all. I haven't had a chance to do much trapping this year. Been really busy with other committments. I haven't been on here much either, but I have seen a few of your alls catches and you all did a heck of a job on them this year. Wanted to share with you the finished mount of my bobcat...
  15. browningshutr

    I thought I was done. One last big surprise!!

    Beautiful cat Shane!!!!!
  16. browningshutr

    Bobcat form

    Funny you should ask. I just mounted this one yesterday.
  17. browningshutr

    Bobcat mount

    OK, I had to do it! Just don't go to the guy that mounted these.
  18. browningshutr


    I would love to have a 90 tiller on it, but the 50 does surprisingly well. I love this boat!!! It is a joy to take out whenever I get the chance.
  19. browningshutr


    Give Ed Hancock at Full Fan Taxidermy a call.
  20. browningshutr

    Single reed call

    I've got the Field Proven Shot Caller and really like it. It's loud, yet can work them close also.