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  1. weedwalker

    First night kill

    Congrats Dan!!
  2. weedwalker


    Congrats Semp!!!
  3. weedwalker

    Shotgun hunting advice

    With my 870 and 3" BB loads, I'm using the Carlsons coyote choke. It shoots a 24" pattern at 40 yards and a 30" pattern at 50 yards. My Rem super full turkey choke shoots the same patterns as the Carlsons choke.
  4. weedwalker

    Kayak and Canoe

    Just in case you missed this at the top of the main page.
  5. weedwalker

    Kayak and Canoe Forum

    Great idea!! I know of over 800 people around the state here that kayak fish. :eagerness:
  6. weedwalker

    .223 ammo

    The guide tells you where there ARE magazine or ammo restrictions. If it doesn't specify a restriction, there are no restrictions. The only current furbearer restrictions are shotgun capacity and what you can use to hunt coyotes at night.
  7. weedwalker

    Annual LBL Coyote Hunt

    Any of you all coming out for our hunt? I'll be there Monday till Sunday.
  8. weedwalker

    Annual LBL Coyote Hunt

    It's time for our annual LBL coyote hunt again. Feb 5th-7th. Some will be there sooner. We stay at Wranglers Campground and rent the cabins. We have a door prize giveaway on Saturday evening. Usually everybody brings a hunting related item of $20 or less to throw in the giveaway pot. Come on out...
  9. weedwalker

    Advice please

    Here is the link for the generation schedule, They update it by 6pm the day before. 0 or 1 generators is OK, 2 is too fast. The dam to Helms Landing is a good float. About 6-7 hours taking your time fishing. Concrete ramps at both ends. And...
  10. weedwalker

    Anybody fishin?

    I caught a few bass at Cedar Creek last Saturday. Sent from my LGL31L using Tapatalk
  11. weedwalker

    Kayak at Cedar Creek?

    I fish it a lot with my kayak. Back in May, a friend and I caught about 30 bass between us that were 3 to 6 pounds in 4" of water. The bass boats could only stay behind us and try to cast towards us. They got aggravated and left when they couldn't get back to the shallow water we were in. I went...
  12. weedwalker

    Daniel Boone forest

    I hunt it a lot. Some good days, some bad days. Lots of cats too.
  13. weedwalker

    AR15 coyote rifle pics

  14. weedwalker

    Anybody fished or paddled from a Feel Free kayak?

    They are nice kayaks, but man are they heavy.
  15. weedwalker

    Other animals that have come to predator calls

    Sand Gap Sniper and I were hunting together one day. One of us was doing fawn distress and the other was doing coyote barks. A man with a shotgun walked up and almost shot at us thinking a coyote was after a fawn. And on 2 different occasions with another friend I hunt with in Perry Co I've had...
  16. weedwalker

    New Hobby \ Addiction

    Great kayak. They're a blast to fish out of. May have to meet you on the water with Brutus.
  17. weedwalker

    Prayers Needed of Member Ole Joe /Hunting Buddy

    That's a bad deal for Joe. Prayers sent.
  18. weedwalker

    Kayak Fisherman. Question???

    Check out Kentucky Kayak Anglers on Facebook.
  19. weedwalker

    Kayak Fisherman. Question???

    I love my Wilderness Systems Ride 115 X. I've sat in a Jackson and there's no way I'd trade mine for one. Plus I have a #500 capacity weight limit in mine.
  20. weedwalker

    Dog down!

    Congrats on the coyote CC. I hope I can get after them soon myself.

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