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  1. east_ky_hunter

    UK basketball

    I’ll say it again. This team is complete and utter trash. May as well put them out of their misery today and get it over with.
  2. east_ky_hunter

    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    That’s the only reason for the timing.
  3. east_ky_hunter

    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    Ok, I’ll be honest. I was not going to vote for him in the primary but after this, screw it.
  4. east_ky_hunter

    UK basketball

    This team is horrible. Doesn’t matter if they win tonight or not, they’re not going anywhere.
  5. east_ky_hunter

    AI is getting insane

    Once AI matures, it will change the medical field drastically IMO. Imagine a revolutionary new procedure performed in ny or somewhere with great results that small town doctors have no clue about with the same diagnosis.
  6. east_ky_hunter

    The one that got away

    I have another one. Back in 2007, I lost almost everything in a house fire, except for some guns and the clothes on my back. I was able to get a handful of stuff and the first thing I thought about was my guns and bow. I didn’t have a safe at that time. My very first shotgun, a Rem 870 express...
  7. east_ky_hunter

    The post anything thread

    Brings back old memories as a kid, running these through the baccer fields. Looks like a Ford 2000 or 2600. My papaw had a 2600 and a 3600. The 2600 is still on the farm and runs like charm. I bet that one would run with some work. Good tractors.
  8. east_ky_hunter

    UK basketball

    I’ll watch but this team isn’t going anywhere but home.
  9. east_ky_hunter

    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    I’ve read that even a 410 with tss and the right choke is really all you need. I might move down to a 20 one of these years. Hard to break old habits I guess.
  10. east_ky_hunter

    UK basketball

    People have to stop going to these games and get fat cow’s azz out of KY. I hope they don’t win another single game until he’s gone.
  11. east_ky_hunter

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Care to share the recipe?
  12. east_ky_hunter

    NWTF plates

    Damn, guess I was wrong. I thought they were all green.
  13. east_ky_hunter

    NWTF plates

    They must have changed them. Mine are all green.
  14. east_ky_hunter

    Looks like we made the paper baws

    A lot of those people don’t even need assistance. Some do. You should drive by it sometime if you live near. Brand new vehicles. I personally know people that go to that just to save on their grocery bill. It’s not right but not my place to say anything either.
  15. east_ky_hunter

    The one that got away

    Selling 2.5 bitcoins for 1500 several years ago.
  16. east_ky_hunter

    UK basketball

    I’m looking forward to the tournament. In years past, not so recent, I would be nervous because expectations were high. This year I have no expectations other than losing, so I can sit down and enjoy the games; well, most likely game.
  17. east_ky_hunter

    Just a few thoughts or so…or maybe just venting.

    Just another thought…. After spending all day and last night to give my Dad and uncles a break, seeing him tell his church pastor that if he doesn’t see him again that he’ll see him in heaven and last night; helping him stand up multiple times out of the bed barely able to get up skin and bones...
  18. east_ky_hunter

    Anyone on here eat bear meat?

    I’ve had bear burgers and they’re better than beef burgers imo.
  19. east_ky_hunter

    I like supporting local shops but dang......

    I hate to say it but I order everything from Amazon including toilet paper. I canceled it for a while but damn it just so convenient.

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