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  1. cedar creek

    Farm Diesel Question

    Been a lot of red fuel burned in farmers pickups and semi trucks, a lot of money put back in there pocket over the years, not much different in price now days.
  2. cedar creek

    NWTF plates

    I’m going to get one says “missed”
  3. cedar creek

    Realtree story says Ky should be good this year for Toms.

    We needed a 1 gobbler limit in my opinion, not enough birds around here to hunt, I killed 2 a year for a long time then past 5/10 years has been downhill
  4. cedar creek

    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    The economy will bring lease money down, I was hunting beside a 20k lease, watched bucks in rut come on my side then run back to other side, talked to the guys hunting it and gave them some advice on the place because I used to hunt it, they appreciate me passing on the smaller bucks and they...
  5. cedar creek

    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    We got ran off a WTH lease rabbit hunting because they didn’t pay landowners, after a brief talk we got to hunt ,but it didn’t feel right so we left….
  6. cedar creek

    Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

    Do you all think it will spread local level banks?
  7. cedar creek

    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    I rented 62 acres for $1000, for deer hunting only to a father and son, knob ground,
  8. cedar creek

    Round bale grass hay 5/5 bale size

    $50 roll anyone interested, last year cutting,
  9. cedar creek

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Rip Pyle, some pretty good ol swamp boys made something of themselves, I like there music,
  10. cedar creek

    Turkey Season 2023

    I’m not banking on much of a season this year, normal early season scouting not going so well on places I can hunt, Had a nice winter flock roll through few times this year, hopefully those hens successfully nest out, trapping was decent this year, got several raccoons out of the game.
  11. cedar creek

    A few birds

    They quit coming to our corn stubble field couple weeks ago, the combines don’t waste much now days, was wondering what it would cost me to pay the farmer that crops it to keep an acre not harvested this year, soybeans this time but I’m sure the game will eat that during winter.
  12. cedar creek

    Bourbon tax exemption

    The big dogs don’t want to pay tax on the barrels of liquor, or pay property tax on the ground they set the warehouses on, kind of unfair to the little guys paying there fair share, it’s going to vote soon I believe
  13. cedar creek

    Feeder Cattle

    Getting ready to wean 6 calves in March, little herd but I enjoy messing with them, pure black angus
  14. cedar creek

    El Salvador moves thousands of gang members to new mega prison

    Was in El Salvador long time ago with new horizons building project usaf, the locals were rough, but the people we were helping were grateful, sugarcane fields was the most employment they had, kids and teens were cut all to heck and carried big swords all the time, very poor people, and very...
  15. cedar creek

    Traffic circles

    If front of st joe church, Barton’s all that
  16. cedar creek

    Traffic circles

    Lol they getting ready to put one in bardstown, going to be interesting
  17. cedar creek

    Turkey Season 2023

    I walked around in the woods this morning little while, didn’t hear anything gobbling but still early, not to many here anymore but I have been trying to help them out a little bit, same spot flourished 15/20 years ago, been going downhill since,
  18. cedar creek

    Antarctica hasn’t warmed in 70 years despite rising CO2 levels; climate scientists baffled

    Little scrub bushes trees in the woods are budding now,19 February, wind is always blowing hard it seams, last summer was the hottest and driest I ever seen, I assume we are changing rapidly, not much we can do about it, we as a population are taking it down slowly but surely,
  19. cedar creek

    Quit smoking much?

    I quit few years back, was in to nicotine my whole life one way or the other, most Kentucky boys grew up with tobacco, started chew as a kid moved on to smoking and drinking, it’s tough, you will climb the walls and chew a hole through your fingers lol, I do the ON pouches now, it helps out