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    Strip Mine??

    Strip mines can be gold mines for deer depending on age. If all the trees are grown up and no under brush or floor vegetation they wont be any different than any place else, but old roods and high walls can make some really good pinch points.
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    hunting blind riped

    I used and old pool repair kit on a few before.
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    Record 6 point

    I got a rack of my dads, that is a 6 point with 25 inch spread, massive but double brow on one side and one big long main beam.
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    Hunter sabotages anothers stand

    had this done to me just last year, it was a teenage boy. threw my camera batteries in creek and cut my straps and took battery out of a feeder. thought my stand was to close to his boundary. I went and had a good talk with him and his grandma made him replace it all. I was young once but man I...
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    Euro mount question?

    Degreasing dish detergent and baking soda in the boil. Falls off when done. Especially with no hair. I always skin mine real good
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    Owen Co Harvest Decline

    I am a new famr Owner in owen as well. Seen deer on every sit, heard very few shots. Did not see many male deer this year..
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    Roll Call 12-17-22

    Our in owen, tree stand brace broke so I’m squatted against a log on feild edge
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    New deer rifle for Ohio questions

    Best is 444 marlin if u can find one
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    12/15 Rollcall

    Great job! I’m back at it this weekend
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    December oyster shrooms.

    anyone got a pic of them?
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    Completed the Triple

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    Busted up and Broke off Racks

    I am not shooting any. But todays management crazes in my area are as such.
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    California Poachers

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    Completed the Triple

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    12-11-22 Roll Call

    In for an evening sit.
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    Busted up and Broke off Racks

    Shooting all the doe and letting b uks go year after year causes em to scrap a ton more. I don’t have many bucks I have caught on camera this year but the few I seen are all scarred up… racks intact but the fur and neck as all beat up. Bare spots and cuts.
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    12/10 roll call

    Station by the door
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    12/10 roll call

    Acted like it was gonna get light early. But taking its sweet time.
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    12/10 roll call

    Up in Owen County. Foggy and cool.
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    Virginia Buck

    LOL, people crack me up. Maybe the kid just shot the deer!