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  1. nateb440

    Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

    Annnnd it’s gone. Please step aside...
  2. nateb440

    Monday Dog

    To the bitter end. Nice one tp
  3. nateb440


    Bet it was fun walking up on that set! Good catches. awesome.
  4. nateb440

    Friday Cat

    Love it. Have yet to catch one. Maybe next year.
  5. nateb440

    End of the line triple!!!

    There’s a good 500 acres of wild behind my house. Deer sightings have gone way down over the past couple years. The coyotes were just out of control. Every one but one was caught in a 5 acre funnel between my house and a pond. I had it snared up to the max and baited with goose carcasses...
  6. nateb440

    Snare question

    I dipped all my snares in full metal jacket. Seemed to help. I had better luck on trails than on fence crossings. Coyotes caught on pretty quick along the fences, and I’d see where they would crawl through right next to my snare. I kept moving snares on trails to catch them off guard.
  7. nateb440

    End of the line triple!!!

    Going out with my first triple. Yotes moved through on this cold front last night. Two males and a female. Line is pulled and I’m moving on. This was my first year of really working to trap. Year end totals: 17 yotes 3 otter 1 red fox 15 muskrats And a few coons, skunks, and...
  8. nateb440

    #14 and where are the females?

    No fences this time around. All worn trails in thick brush. I’ve got a bait station of sorts and have set all around it. If they come through they’ll encounter a snare. Been getting better at where to put them. The ones close to the bait never got hit. Farther away the better. I think...
  9. nateb440

    #14 and where are the females?

    #14 had a long night. Made it over 150 yards through some of the thickest briars on the drag. Big ol male. Every dog but 2 have been males. Any answers on why such an imbalance? I realize it’s breeding season—in the coyote world, does that mean the ladies stick closer to home and the...
  10. nateb440

    Lucky 13

    All trails now. Thick brush. Back during waterfowl season I had the guys who hunt the back pond leave the carcasses after breasting them out. It continues to draw them in. I added a few trapped critters and keep moving the sets cause I’m pretty sure they’re on to me. I leave them until it...
  11. nateb440

    Lucky 13

    Snagged one by the front foot last night. Beautiful fur on this male.
  12. nateb440

    First Grey Fox

    Love the greys. Beautiful catch.
  13. nateb440

    11, 12, and unlucky 13

    I figure it must have been a body or foot catch. Would have choked out if i had gotten a clean neck catch. Too bad. Would have been my first triple.
  14. nateb440

    11, 12, and unlucky 13

    11 and 12 and unlucky 13 that somehow twisted and broke the cable. One of the two is a female.
  15. nateb440

    First dog

    Nothing like walking up on your first trapped yote. Congrats!
  16. nateb440

    Success #10 yote

    Reached my goal of 10 coyotes this morning. Heavy male with good fur. Thankful for the learning process it’s been. Thankful also to the many on here who helped with posts and advice along the way. Much respect to the Wiley coyote. Gonna keep after them since checking is a simple walk out...
  17. nateb440

    First red. Nice big male.

    You’re a pro at catching those reds! Thanks for the encouragement and the multiple posts in this trapping forum over the years.
  18. nateb440

    First red. Nice big male.

    Got a little lucky I figure on this one. Male red on a snare in a trail. First fox for me. I’ll take it!
  19. nateb440

    #9 this morning

    While I removed the majority of the line, I left some cables up behind the house for quick checks. Got number 9 this morning. Nice male. One more to go to get my goal of 10.
  20. nateb440

    Lucky #8

    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Snared number 8 coyote by the back foot! I got eyes on a big otter and after a little scouting set a couple new traps in some bank dens I didn’t know they were using. Hoping to have him in the morning.