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  1. treerat

    What has happened to treerat ?

    i really appreciate phil calling me last night,,guys,,,i have had a real bad summer,,but i am still alive,,i think,,,have had some real bad issues with my health but doing ok right now for now,,i have maybe 2-3 good days a month,,forgot who posted it but he is right i am getting ready to have...
  2. treerat

    New Format & Look Is Fine

    i like the old way better
  3. treerat

    Mission impossible squirrel

    now that was funny
  4. treerat

    11 killed in Kentucky crash

    thats sid to hear about the accident,,i heard it on the news this morn,,,,,prayers and thoughts goes out to the familys
  5. treerat

    My new little blessing/hunting partner!

    big congrats to you and the misses
  6. treerat

    Toyota Tundra

    i agree,,,,get a ford f150,,,,they are cheaper price,,,,,well made now and won't cost an arm and a leg to get it fix,,,,,the only thing you won't get is that new high speed cruise control like toyota has,,,,,,seriously,,,,i looked at both of them,,,,,the f150 was a better deal,,,,,they now put...
  7. treerat

    Sad Day for America!

    i heard every tax payer should have their case of vasoline in the mail within 2 weeks,,,,,,POSTAGE DUE,,:D:mad::D:mad:
  8. treerat

    anyone know the pull behind ky trailor laws

    well just got done redoing my lights so i will be D FREAKING O DANG T compliant,,,,guess i will go and get the license for it at the end of next week,,,,,i do a few yards,,,so with my luck they will bust me for that,,,figure the 4.00 is cheaper then a ticket
  9. treerat

    anyone know the pull behind ky trailor laws

    i finally got 1 answer for sure today,,,,if you use your trailer for personal use you don't have to license it,,,but if it used for any kind of business it has to be licensed,,,,
  10. treerat

    anyone know the pull behind ky trailor laws

    i have put about 2 hours into this to get the exact definition of everything,,,talking about something not making sense,,,,,,can't even find a dang # to call these idiots
  11. treerat

    anyone know the pull behind ky trailor laws

    i agree duck,,,,,they are finding ways to stick it to us simple people
  12. treerat

    anyone know the pull behind ky trailor laws

    my neighbor and i was having a descusion on the DOT boys cracking down on people that pull trailors,,,,,what he said was that it was a law that they needed to be licensed,,and have lights and trailor brakes,,,,,,he said that the law always has been for the lights but none of the above was ever...
  13. treerat

    Social Security running out of money

    maybe i need to darken my tan,,,get curlier hair,,speak spanish and find a nice 21 year old mexican and pop out a dozen babies,,,,:mad::mad:
  14. treerat

    Is Toyota making lawnmowers?

    now that was funny
  15. treerat

    Dam Funny

    that was dam funny
  16. treerat

    Beware AA Small Animal Emergency Lexington

    its just like the government and lawyers,,,,all legalized rip offs
  17. treerat

    Red neck treestand

    what do you expect for tennessee :D:D:D
  18. treerat

    Bad wreck

    they said on the news that the girl was on her cell phone
  19. treerat

    2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Test

    yea,,,you have to consider that ole belair is rusted out,,,did you see all the rust flying
  20. treerat

    I need some ideas here. I'm about to propose to my girlfriend...

    well i proposed to my wife in central park on the montel williams show,,:D:D