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  1. Meatstick

    250K Dodge Ram anyone?

    Dana 60s with 4.10s and 497hp!! That'd been an absolute beast of a gas truck.
  2. Meatstick

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Asshole Holstein steer
  3. Meatstick

    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    Don't take it for granted. Works out awesome around here for the youngins
  4. Meatstick


    I was seeing them pretty regular before this cold snap. I'll keep a tighter watch on em in the yard this year tho. Cost me a $2k pool liner last summer
  5. Meatstick

    A few birds

    Always. He was out back with the spotting scope til dark watching them roost. Told me he "tucked em into bed."
  6. Meatstick

    A few birds

  7. Meatstick

    Farm Diesel Question

    I can remember back when they tested all our diesel pickup trucks at the Fair and Expo center gate with dip wicks for the farm machinery show lol. That was damn entrapment lol
  8. Meatstick

    End of quota hunts?

    The good WMA's give an extra preference point for every 4 does kilt. Used to even be a bonus buck tag, but that's limited to a few military installations these days
  9. Meatstick

    End of quota hunts?

    That first year would be a ball in the river bottoms and creek beds tho lol
  10. Meatstick

    Viper shells

    Do they have a website?? Or just a damfacebook page? That's all I can find on a Google search. I shoot Apex TSS, but they're almost always out of stock, like right now lol
  11. Meatstick

    Any white bass reports?

    You'll bump your lower unit a little, but you'll manage. It's shallowest at the bridge. Drops off a little upstream
  12. Meatstick

    Any white bass reports?

    There's a decent channel plum up to the split. Just stay in it and take it slow. Lotta times in the summer, I have to take my longtail and flat bottom to get past the bridge. It does get skinny at times.
  13. Meatstick

    Any white bass reports?

    FWIW, they're not at Van Buren yet. We checked it yesterday morning. Caught several crappie on accident, and one little male white bass.
  14. Meatstick

    Couple of unseen traps

    Curiosity killed the cat. Likely work the same on a damcoon
  15. Meatstick

    Day trip ideas

    My man!!
  16. Meatstick

    Day trip ideas

    Me and mine crack like rabbits, given the opportunity this time of year. Damn kids' sports pretty much make us both single parents. The sports are about to slack up a bit, though. We'll both sleep better, ya know ;)
  17. Meatstick

    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    He lives at that little white house there on the right. I've collected a BUNCH of catalpa worms off his tree there over the driveway. I think he's about 140 years old now
  18. Meatstick

    Realtree story says Ky should be good this year for Toms.

    Hundreds still winter on me. Come spring season though, it's a toss up. Damn gypsies
  19. Meatstick

    2023 Morel season

    Cute little fellers. I found a few yesterday in Shepherdsville just like those
  20. Meatstick

    Sheep farming

    You ain't wrong. Frailest damn critters I've ever dealt with. Seemed like they were all the time looking for a reason to keel over