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  1. Pointpuller

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    2 table spoons of butter is all this one cost me. Found this large Lions Mane today while walking around. Very good!! Texture between lobster and calamari. Flavor had a hint of crab.
  2. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Just plum awesome tune!!! Thanks for sharing. Them points can sure make a man loose his mind and he nailed it.
  3. Pointpuller

    cool pics

    Nice pics. They getting after it for sure. Thanks for the look.
  4. Pointpuller

    Pronghorn in the snow

    Great pics!!
  5. Pointpuller

    To bag or not to bag

    My deer meat isn't ever touching water let alone soaking in it. I keep it cool and dry until I process it. Kinda like they do with beef............hint,hint. Do y'all think they soak your beef in water before its processed? Hell no.
  6. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    WOW!! Some straight up killers right there. Thanks for the look.
  7. Pointpuller

    Bucket list fish

    Gals like that are a dime a dozen down here........ y'all got Booners behind every tree, we got what we got. Anybody wanna trade for a hunt ? lol
  8. Pointpuller

    100 vs 125 grain

    Either will work with proper setup and shot placement. Ive killed 5 elk with 125 grain muzzy phantoms. No issues with penetration or blood trails.
  9. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

  10. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Its AWESOME for sure!!! Congrats on acquiring that thing of Beauty.
  11. Pointpuller

    Did your mamas hunt?

    My Mom fished and hunted every chance she got. Me and her would fish when I was to young for school. As I got older we would hunt and fish after school till my Dad got home from work. Then we would all join in.
  12. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    I like that find JR!! tbob....if that point is authentic its very nice!! Looks a little fresh from the pic but without holding it you can't ever tell for sure. What you think Mainbeam?
  13. Pointpuller

    Expanded Crossbow

    Mr. Alex Trebek.............I will take "what do they all have in common" for $2000 Who are Liberals, Democrats, political correct folks and crossbow salesman's. That should cover the xbow supporters for able bodied adults.
  14. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Very nice Deadaim!!! Love the flaking and teeth on that one.
  15. Pointpuller

    REGs for retrieving a deer on someone else property

    JD......I agree with your posts 95% of the time and respect your knowledge and opinions. I seldom post anymore but you dug me out of the bushes. I don't agree with denying access to retrieve a deer. I think you are missing out on teaching the youngins how to take the high road. I certainly...
  16. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Thank y'all for the well wishes. We are making slow steps toward getting back. Others a little West of us have lost lives and everything. We are fortunate we still have a structure and we are all ok physically. Mentally not so much.
  17. Pointpuller

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Great rescue Deadaim!! Im busy trying to recovery from Hurricane Michael. Costal home flooded from incredible storm surge. Scrambling to recover. Just got power. If I ever get things straightened out there will be lots of good pickin here but gonna be a while till I get in the mood. We...
  18. Pointpuller

    Help with a score

    Im gonna throw 118" out there to start the bidding.
  19. Pointpuller

    Anyone else like flatheads

    I like em just fine!!! Them batteries in the back of your truck seem to be the best bait.:)