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    Mexico Bison - part 1

    Very nice !
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    2023 Morel season

    I'll let you know if I ever find that first one.........walked the woods for sheds/morels this past weekend. None of either !! My streak continues.
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    Ginseng Stories

    Put ginseng right up there with sheds and morels........I've looked and never found that first one.
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    ocellated turkey hunt

    Congrats !
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    'Lil Chainsar Carvin!

    That is badass indeed !!
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    I haven't plugged a tire in a long time...

    Talk about timing. Daughter came over and had a flat. Found a roofing nail, pulled it and plugged it yesterday (on the vehicle).
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    Bourbon and whiskey

    This is what the local "bootlegger" always carried for Sundays (those who didn't prepare !)
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    Who all is without power?

    96 hours almost to the minute......restored Tuesday evening. I'm glad it's over.
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    Something positive

    Just found this ........ Congratulations to your family Mainbeam. I cannot imagine the journey you have been through. She's a beauty !!
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    Who all is without power?

    Still out here (since Friday at 4:45pm). Generator keeping the fridge and freezer cold, plus a few lights.
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    Who all is without power?

    Out..........Generator running. I'm expecting several days minimum.
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    Average age of members here

    59 1/2 ....... 60 in August
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    Reflex sight 3 or 6 moa?

    You will love it !!
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    Yeah, this won't last long.
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    Coyotes chasing Turkeys around TVille WMA

    I agree with this.
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    60 in August .......... and I couldn't imagine sleeping more than 6 hours. I'm usually tired and don't have much energy these days but still don't sleep much. I attribute it to age more than anything.
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    Couple of nice old Remington Shotguns.

    I sure wish that 48 was modified versus improved........... but looks like KyJohn beat me to it anyway.
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    Buck 112 in my pack for deer hunting. Daily carry is an old Case XX (either mini trapper or copperlock).
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    Beagle Shot while hunting

    I'd agree. You'd have gotten shot.
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    Killing Time

    Sammich or two, plus lots of snacks ! Hunt ! No phone or books.