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  1. easternkyhunter

    Youth question

    Youth-Free Upcoming Season Location: Statewide Season Dates: Dec 31 2022 - Jan 1 2023 either sex ADD TO CALENDAR Youth-Only Past Season Location: Statewide Season Dates: Oct 8 2022 - Oct 9 2022 either sex ADD TO CALENDAR either sex in youth season per kdfwr page
  2. easternkyhunter

    Score this buck

    132 5/8
  3. easternkyhunter

    Age and score

    125 +/- 4 year old
  4. easternkyhunter

    Bear Paradox Bow

    price drop. He's found another one but needs to sell this first. lol
  5. easternkyhunter

    Bear Paradox Bow

    2021 Paradox 32" axel to axel 6.25 brace height 23.5-30.5 draw length 45-60# Hamskea Hunter Pro Rest True Glow AC Range Rover Sight Hard Case $500 Message for pics 606-272-2413
  6. easternkyhunter

    My target buck

    119 3/4
  7. easternkyhunter

    Tall 8

    Nice. Congrats!!
  8. easternkyhunter

    Bugs or Somethin

    If they latch in they itch really bad. But I've been covered and quickly wash them off with no itching.
  9. easternkyhunter

    Bugs or Somethin

    Probably turkey mites. (seed ticks) They are absolutely terrible. But usually permethrin spray will keep them away. If not you can get a prescription of permethrin cream for treatment.
  10. easternkyhunter

    Youth Der Rifle?

    Looking for the best deer caliber for my grandson (5/6 year old). He shoots well with a .22 and even 50 grain in muzzleloader. But now he needs something with a little more range. I'm leaning toward a .243, .308, or 25/06. What's your opinions?
  11. easternkyhunter

    Best Bow Target???

    I know that I may be looking for a unicorn, BUT is there a target out there that will hold up to both a bow and crossbow shooting field points and occasional broadheads?
  12. easternkyhunter

    New bow reccomendations.....

    That would be my obvious choice. But he has a couple hundred dollars worth of gift cards for Cabellas. And I usually work 6 days a week, so it would be tough to get to a pro shop routinely.
  13. easternkyhunter

    New bow reccomendations.....

    Heading to Cabellas in the morning to get mw nephew a new bow. He has been shooting a Hoyt Ignite for a couple years. He's 14 and wanting to upgrade. Not looking to break the bank, just get a good bow for a good price. Probably looking to spend no more than about $600 or so. Can be a bare...
  14. easternkyhunter

    HELP---Dirty Muzzleloader

    Had friend give me an older CVA Wolf Muzzleloader. It had been sitting in a garage for a few years, and the inside of the barrel is extremely dirty/rusted. Outside of the gun looks pretty good considering. I tried cleaning it with my usual methods and I'm not even making a dent in the...
  15. easternkyhunter

    Looking to buy a pontoon....

    anybody have one for sale?
  16. easternkyhunter

    935 Pistol Grip?????

    Just traded for a 935 Mossberg, thinking about swapping the standard stock to a pistol grip. Will mostly be used for turkey hunting. What are your opinions? Pros? Cons?
  17. easternkyhunter

    2016 Deer Harvest Numbers

    Too many out of state coon hunters.
  18. easternkyhunter

    Big Bull Down

    What county?
  19. easternkyhunter

    Prayers for my Mom

  20. easternkyhunter

    Big Bull Down

    Where was this monster killed?