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  1. keith meador

    Coral got caught in an Escarpment. Lol

    I mean Coral will charge more for his hunts to cover his fines this year. Businesses do not absorb costs like that. They pass it along to the consumer.
  2. keith meador

    2023 3D and archery shoot schedules

    Please post up your 2023 archery events. Please remember to include an address for the event, and a telephone contact if available.
  3. keith meador

    Coral got caught in an Escarpment. Lol

    IF..... That one little word gets me fired up. The only thing that happened here is the fee being paid by the hunter will go up next year.
  4. keith meador

    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    Please post up your harvest photos and a recap of your hunt. Please do not respond to posts to keep the clutter to a minimum, so members can view harvest photos without scrolling through replies.
  5. keith meador

    Any fawns yet?

    I'll be along on Sempt 3 for a fawn report.
  6. keith meador

    New Bow

    I shot the Mathews and the Hoyt. I settled on the Hoyt Ventum 33. My suggestion is to shoot as many bows as you can lay your hands on, then make your decision. Most bow manufacturers are making quality bows these days. Short ATA bows are great for tree stands, but add in a bit of difficulty...
  7. keith meador

    Last weekend of the season
  8. keith meador

    Last weekend of the season

    Contact your private lands biologist and get one of those fetus charts. It helps them gather data on the peak of the rut. We measure (not an actual tape measure) as many fetuses as we can recover during late season hunts.
  9. keith meador

    Bucks are dropping

    Where are you getting your information? Most buttons make it to 65-70 pounds dressed. A 1.5 year old is going to weigh 20-25 pounds more than a button?
  10. keith meador

    Last weekend of the season

    Well folks, I know I said I was going to hunt until the last day, but mother nature isn't playing along. I don't mind the cold, and I don't mind the snow. I have a straight W wind here, which is the absolute worst wind for me on Grindstone. The deer bed to the east for the most part. I do...
  11. keith meador

    Last weekend of the season

    I prefer a little wind, especially in the late season. It helps hide the boogie man moving in the stand from them deers.
  12. keith meador

    Remember when we traded our cars for a new one?

    When the automobile industry finally rights itself, are the used vehicle prices going to remain strong? Will gubbment correct the used vehicle prices when new (and grossly overpriced) vehicles become available? I suspect that when the automotive industry straightens out that the used vehicle...
  13. keith meador

    Back at it

    It's going to be cold this weekend. Them deerz gotta eat when the temps tank.
  14. keith meador

    Back at it

    I'll take a clean miss over a wound any day. You're an old fart like me. You'll redeem yourself.
  15. keith meador

    Have any of y'all used the golf ball method to skin a deer??

    The other option is to use a rage. They'll gut em, skin em, and quarter em in one shot.
  16. keith meador

    Have any of y'all used the golf ball method to skin a deer??

    I've been pulling the skins off for years. Once you get used to making the required cuts, it doesn't take much time at all. I've used rocks, golf balls, D cell batteries. All worked just fine. I've pulled the skins with lawn mowers, golf carts, trucks, ATV's, UTV's and electric winches. I...
  17. keith meador

    Old bows

    I still have an original Conquest, and a C-3. Both still set up from my last year of shooting 3D back in 07. I won a lot of money with those old bows. One of the best seasons I had locally was shooting an LX. I've been considering making a few local shoots this year and shooting a hunting...
  18. keith meador

    From Grindstone?

    Well, there's that... I was looking at the eyes and the glow.
  19. keith meador

    From Grindstone?

    Looks normal to me.
  20. keith meador

    Landlocked hunting ground

    I'd buy it, and sell it to whoever buys the way over priced land. Spend the profits on a more accessible chunk of land.