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  1. Redfeather

    Deer Stix

    21mm collagen
  2. Redfeather

    Deer Stix

    They were hung up. I didn't think to take a picture till I'd took them down.
  3. Redfeather

    Deer Stix

    Finishing up second batch of honey BBQ sticks(25lbs total). These are my family's favorite & don't last long. Smoked on a combination of pecan & maple wood to 155 internal temp then air dried & cool. Seasoning is from Curlyssausagekitchen.
  4. Redfeather


    It'll get better as season goes on. Once the gut piles & carcasses from dead deer start disappearing Coyotes will start moving more. I had 2 real good nights on coon line but bout dried up now. Need to move to new ground. Turkeys will appreciate it.
  5. Redfeather

    Educate this very experienced old man

    Western Anderson County is loaded with deer & always has been. You may just be on some property that doesn't hold many. I come up the Parkway before dark last night and seen a "BUNCH".
  6. Redfeather

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    I'd hit that with a "SCOOP SHOVEL"..😋 Looks really good 👍
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    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    #5 for the season. Public ground 15 yard shot,80 yard recovery.
  8. Redfeather

    Turkey are rutting

    I had 24 longbeards in my bottom at one time fighting, strutting and gobbling. This isn't a typical sight here having that many Tom's at one time. Pictures are taken out of a video I took
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    Groenewold Fur Co

    I watched them do a YouTube live in Decatur Iowa last night were he made a stop & was buying some fur. I know there's not any market for Ky coons. But when Iowa 2 & 3xl coons ain't bringing but 3 bucks a piece average 😳. I seen him pay 5 dollars total for 3 mink. 😢 I never trapped to make...
  10. Redfeather

    Seek One KY deer

    I watched yesterday & agree. Awesome recovery. These guys do a good job with there channel. Been watching them for several years now.
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    Man yall tearing em up. Way to go. The ones on the stringer are the first ones I've kept in a long time. The bigger ones all released.
  12. Redfeather

    Venison Snack Sticks

    Ain't no shame in buying some or having someone else do them for you. I payed Boones in Bardstown to do some for me many years ago. There were good & no complaints other than the $$$. For what it cost me to have it done I bought the "basic" equipment to do it myself. I've added more equipment...
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    Summer Sausage

    Wildman is spot on. Anytime you cook( smoke) summer sausage ,snack sticks etc at or above 170 degrees the fat will liquefy & run out of casing causing shrinkage.
  14. Redfeather

    Reset snare location after catch?

    I've caught multiples at same crawl unders. Definitely worth resetting.
  15. Redfeather

    Summer Sausage

    It's whatever you like or want to use for fat content. I like the Boston butts because I got some for a little over a buck a pound & with the exception of a small bone you just grind it all un-trimmed.
  16. Redfeather

    Summer Sausage

    I would say your spot on with that guess. I'd probably buy a 8-10lb pork butt to grind with it & roll on.
  17. Redfeather

    Summer Sausage

    It's worth it but will work you to death. I use seasoning that comes premixed.(store bought)
  18. Redfeather

    Summer Sausage

    Thanks Yep,those are 1 1/2. Yes,will do some bacon.
  19. Redfeather

    Summer Sausage

    Just pulled 1st batch of regular with cheese about an hour ago. Jalepeno and cheese up next. BTW it's GOOD😋
  20. Redfeather

    Where are your bird pictures?

    Here's a before picture of what we ate today courtesy of Grizzly Broadheads. I smoked these with pecan wood & a bbq rub.