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    A Little Green

    Glad somebody has killed one. I'm personally beating a 33 yr old record.. If I make it to Christmas without killing one I would have been 12 the last time that happened. I'm now 45.. It's deader than old Kelsey's nutz here..
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    Let's Play

    BM and Smash hold my proxy on all season dates.. When BM talks y'all best listen. The man has been at it longer than most including me and I've just completed my 32nd season. Pressure pushes our ducks out worse than anything. Rest afforded during splits would be a blessing. The last two 60 day...
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    Hey KYBlackMallard You got your dream hunt

    . My place is still froze... 17 the last two mornings didn't help. I'll still take Nov.. Smartasses
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    Is optimism and camradare in duck hunting dead?

    The first hunt of the year and the last hunt of the year were both enjoyable. Good friends and good times. Another good friend and I just couldn't get together this year for several different reasons. It seems certain hunts in your memory stand out among others and this year was no different. In...
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    Ethical verses Legal/Illegal

    I would hate to see what 3" 2 oz 6's would do to a shoulder on a good ring neck day. I guess that's why we used to use 2 3/4 high brass... My Dad's old A5 would kick, but not like an 835 with a 3 1/2 turkey load.
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    First time duck hunting

    Hey some guys reload... Not for me to question... But I did see it.. But lead 6's through an improved cylinder choke over decoys is death.. How do I know? I actually am old enough to have used lead the first few seasons I hunted. Mine were through an old single barrel 16. Same result.
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    First time duck hunting

    Not to mention a nice drake Redhead... One of two ducks that winter in Ky that after 32 seasons I gave yet to take. Mr Blonde is doing you a favor.. Best advice you'll ever get on this forum, or your one hell of a troller.
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    Here is a thought

    I would agree to this as well.
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    Just thought this was a cool pic.

    . Maybe my last day... Maybe not
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    Because it's still crooked as a question mark......? See...
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    I probably hunted for 10-12 years before ever killing a banded duck. Since I have five duck bands and three geese. I have not killed a banded bird in probably 7-8 years..
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    May have to have you take a couple to him..killed a gadwall with a big white ring around his neck that would go perfect with a big pintail I got in the freezer in a dead mount box.
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    Ethical verses Legal/Illegal

    Because ducks and geese ingest your lead shot and get lead poisoning if they ingest enough. I doubt many ducks are man enough to try and take on a 6" strap weight. Lol Seriously places like Catahoula lake in Louisiana, where you have hundreds of blinds in a relatively shallow area or Reelfoot...
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    frustrating day on Barkley

    I had my 16/44 Go-Devil on top of the ice today and had to push pole back off of it. It's not the thickest ice I have ever broke, but I believe it's the hardest. I have seen all the above issues with birds this year. Today just a half mile from a good roost and between a refuge and a gated honey...
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    Kayaks/Poke boats

    Naw I knew what ya meant. Anybody venturing out in those places in one, has a death wish
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    Lakes with big shallow mud flats. Teal like open areas. They'll hit ponds too, but usually ones that don't have a lot of brush around them. You'll sometimes find them where wood ducks are but not always. We killed a hen green wing this morning. She was lost.
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    Kayaks/Poke boats

    I'm about 240 right now.. My Old Towne is a little tippy, but I don't take on big water or bad current. Just pits and sloughs where a big boat won't go .
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    frustrating day on Barkley

    Get out of the boat.. Park it a couple hundreds yards away and cover it with burlap. Camo up and be still.
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    Kayaks/Poke boats

    Let's see some pics. I could have shot a little better and doubled my take this morning, but at this point in the game I'm just glad to be out there and able to get a couple.
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    Ethical verses Legal/Illegal

    Grnhd and I do agree on something !