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    LBL feral hogs

    Because of wild hog's unique biology, hunting can make the situation worse.
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    LBL feral hogs

    I feel the same way but I'm not sure how the logistics would work. Those are domestic hogs that people have been turning loose. I'm pretty sure meat from a domestic animal has to be USDA certified to be given to folks for consumption. By law, feral pigs can't be transported alive. Trapping...
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    Some hunters have asked for a complete ban like Tennessee.
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    Out of State License

    In Illinois, if you are a nonresident but own at least 40 acres, you can hunt you own land at a greatly reduced price (about a 50% savings).
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    Where is the sport headed?

    Twenty years ago, all I had to hunt, within a reasonable distance, was public land. I know that works out for some but it never worked for me. Then, a little postage stamp sized farm about 10 miles from my house came up for sale. It was 95% woods, had been recently logged, & was fairly...
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    I said the heck with it and let the arrow fly!

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    I know this pic doesn’t mean much to most

    I'm no wildlife biologist but it seems to me if you have a ton of does all the old buck has to do is stay back in the thicket & the does will come to him. I'm gonna try to take out a few does next week & then maybe catch old big boy when he's out looking for love!
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    Hopkins County

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    Is it time to make Xbow season the same ?

    I don't know why it should be so hard to believe that the genetics influencing a buck's antler come primarily from his mom. It is well known & accepted that, in humans, the genetics for baldness come primarily from the mom's side. I'm living proof. My dad, his brother, & his dad all had a...
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    Is it time to make Xbow season the same ?

    That is an awesome little MZ pistol.
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    Buck or Doe ???

    Was he a yearling? If so, he's almost certainly one of those doe's offspring that she hasn't kicked out of the family unit yet. (She will disperse him when she come into estrus.). If you will leave the little guy alone but continue to hunt that same area, you will have a chance to harvest his...
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    Well that worked out pretty good

    Strong work, Beardog!
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    35 Remington

    I know many folks love hunting fields but I most enjoy hunting in woods/thickets. My favorite rifle to hunt those with is an old Marlin 336 in 30/30 with a 2-7X Wideview scope. My nephew has an almost identical setup except his is chambered in .35 Rem. You could hardly go wrong with either...
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    Two particular quota hunts

    I have hunted Barkley. What do you want to know?
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    1st buck with my mathews

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    QDM and the rewards

    We have tried to practice QDM on our property for the last several years. Far and away, the hardest 2 things about it are getting people to shoot the does & convincing folks to get over the "If I don't shoot him, the neighbor will." attitude for immature bucks. Shooting does is the hardest...
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    ballard quota hunts

    The chance of drawing Ballard is pretty slim unless you have at least 3 pref points. I had 3 last year & didn't get drawn. And, you have to apply every year or you lose any pref points you have accumulated. Just thought I'd cheer you guys up a little.
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    Milkweed pods

    I have used the milkweed pods for years. Don't forget to stick them in a small ziplock bag or they'll bust open & make a mess in your backpack.
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    Whats your favorite sounds in the woods while hunting?

    I like the sound of my heart pounding in my ears when I have a big buck in front of me.
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    Golfcart vs Side by Side

    I had a golf cart tricked out for hunting & now have a Kawasaki Mule. The Mule goes thru mud & up & down hills just fine. If the ground was just a little mushy, you will be in trouble with a golf cart. Those guys work fine on a golf course but for hunting, not so much.