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    FS/T: Jeep Liberty 2005 | Louisville

    $500 sounds fair to me. Not into bartering. Give me $500 and I'll take.
  3. 1wildcatfan

    How about an NCAA tournament post?

    What was the temperature there? 36/37 high here.
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    For Sale - 2014 Bennington 2375 GCW Tritoon with Mercury 200 Verado - $47,000

    Have a 20 yr old Mastercraft X30. Perfect condition. Could sell it for more than what we paid for it. To replace it.....$240,000 (per the wife). Unreal.
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    UK basketball

  6. 1wildcatfan

    UK basketball

    Fine shooting %'s. Reeves?????
  7. 1wildcatfan

    New mossberg 930 not cycling shells

    You located close to Richmond???? Hear there's a guy there....
  8. 1wildcatfan

    How about an NCAA tournament post?

    It looks better than the bball game.
  9. 1wildcatfan

    UK basketball

    He's fun to watch, but unfortunately he's eating UKs lunch.
  10. 1wildcatfan

    UK basketball

    Ky can't stop someone driving the basket.
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    CVA Optima V2

    Find his you tube video of his 30+ lb mz throwing a 300 gr bullet at 3500 fps.
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    CVA Optima V2

    You'd spend $5-$6000 with some of the "big name" shops
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    How about an NCAA tournament post?

    And Auburn was up by 10 at the half. The tale of two halves.
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    You'll go broke trying to manipulate the health of a free range deer herd on a small parcel of land. The deer will be just fine.
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    Arizona draw results out

    Chris, how many sheep pts you have? I have 22, Myra 21, my two boys 15 & 13. Since my boys have most of December as Christmas break, I'm putting them in also. We'll wet our pants if we ever see "drawn". I have a "not drawn" list as long as my arm.
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    Hard Antlered Buck

    Watching a small one now packing both sides behind our house.
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    Mexico Bison - part 1

    Tetanka= awesome burgers
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    Water temps

    Ky Lake this evening at the MSU Hancock biological station.
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    Mexico Bison - part 1

    Shot it last February. Taxidermist in Tuscon sent the pic yesterday. These are the real horns and this is a pretty good bison. Part 2- He's working on the shoulder mount that will have replica horns on it. Be ready in a few months.
  20. 1wildcatfan

    Stevens Model 94 16 gauge project

    Our local walmart has a lot of 16 on the shelf now. The past year I've seen 16 on the shelves in several stores.