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  1. huntmadd

    My Africa Hunt 2022

    We Went on an amazing South Africa Hunt with Deco Safari’s just wanted to share.
  2. huntmadd

    Unit 2 BBD

  3. huntmadd

    7mm reg mag for sale

    I can sale with scope or without but I added the same scope as above . Vortex
  4. huntmadd

    7mm reg mag for sale

    Its a TC compass with a muzzle break
  5. huntmadd

    7mm reg mag for sale

    Looks like gun is sold . I may go ahead and sale a 300 win mag never fired .
  6. huntmadd

    7mm reg mag for sale

    I found ammunition at Kygunco
  7. huntmadd

    7mm reg mag for sale

    I bought a light weight Savage 116 for out west so inly hunted one 9 day hunt with it . Has a 6-18-44 crossfire vortex on it . $750 with scope . Good shooter and light but upgrades to a Christiansen‘s arms. Headed on hunting trip if we can’t meet soon I will get back to you . Thanks
  8. huntmadd

    98.9 acres for sale in Ohio

    I have a signed contract if anything falls threw I will post it here . Thanks
  9. huntmadd

    98.9 acres for sale in Ohio

    I am going to sale my amazing farm in ohio its 98.9 acres probably 90 percent woods with timber value. Great deer and Turkey hunting asking $250,000 if you keep this farm 10 years timber should pay it off . Pm me if interested
  10. huntmadd

    Worth Asking

    Rule King has a awesome deal going on a gun safe . 30 gun $399 30 min fire protection
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  12. huntmadd

    Knight Muzzloader for sale

    50 cal knight Muzzloader for sale shoots grate takes the musket caps . I will take $250 for it if anyone is interested.
  13. huntmadd

    Freezer meat

    Nice congrats!!!
  14. huntmadd

    Blessed Opener

  15. huntmadd

    Opening day success

  16. huntmadd

    10mm & 280AI

    Any pics of the sd-10 . I maybe interested in a trade if your interested. My email is [email protected] Thanks
  17. huntmadd

    11:15 Bird

  18. huntmadd

    Fastest hunt I had in a few seasons

  19. huntmadd

    Batting .750 for the day

    You guys are putting a smack down on those Turkeys. Congrats !!!!
  20. huntmadd

    @gooch scores this morning

    Congrats !!!!