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    Few spots available

    Ole Multi did it a time or two! Waterfowl hunting never amounted to much, but there were deer.
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    UPDATE: $1.3 billion aluminum plant to be built in Greenup County; 550 new jobs expected

    Agreed, it's really sad. One of the reasons I don't hardly ever visit here anymore.
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    Mineral Sites

    LOL. No he can't, It doesn't exist.
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    How did you do?
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    Good one. Thanks for the pm's, much appreciated.
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    Hunting the refuge this Wednesday. I know things have been slow, but if anyone has any recent blind would be appreciated. PM if you like. Thanks
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    Wet Soil Seed

    There is a reason the farmer no longer plants it.
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    Anyone here hunt southern Illinois If you are bowhunting, your tag isn't county specific Habitat stamps are $5 Shawnee is huge and has some decent areas, but its what everyone recommends on every forum. With a little research you can find better areas to hunt...
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    Anyone know anything about this buck?

    AT may have more idiots than any other site on the web.
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    Michigan resident looking for info on 2017 KY spring hunt

    2017 may not be out yet. Here is the 2016 info, i wouldn't expect many changes. Harvest data is on the website also.
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    BWA has a handicap accessible blind. When you apply, there is a place to choose that blind.
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    first cow hunt

    Congrats. Tough day for us.
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    Im drawn for Wednesday and Thursday at Ballard. Any insight on what blinds are doing best? Thanks

    Im drawn for Wednesday and Thursday at Ballard. Any insight on what blinds are doing best? Thanks
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    Ballard info

    I would think today will be a good one at Ballard. I'm drawn for next Wednesday.
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    Giant killed in Paducah

    That buck was a high fence pet from Mayfield.
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    100+ counts of deer poaching

    We need more hunters that will step up and get involved. Those that knew what was going on and did nothing need to look in the mirror. CO's are much more effective when hunters get involved.
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    water control structure

    These guys are a little further west, but good to deal with
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    Storing Seed

    I put mine in a large rubbermaid container. store it in a cool, dry place. it will be fine next fall.
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    This evening

    I'm fortunate to manage a farm that has 150' deer about every year. Your suggestion that most small properties can be managed "to have multiple 150's" isn't realistic. It's basically impossible without great neighbors.
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    Prescribed Fire

    I learned pretty quick you can't rely on a government agency to help you with a burn. They simply don't want the liability. I only burn NWSG. I've talked to some knowledgeable folks that are against burning hardwoods. I personally wouldn't have any interest in burning mine.